Baron Nigel of Maiths Trin, House Fritzrathen

Baron at the Edge


A mildly hansome man in his early 30's with dirty blond hair and grey eyes.


Nigel is the some of King Reginald the Third and a serving maid named Ethel, his mother died giving birth and his father wanted nothing to do with him. He was raised by Sir Victor Naith and his wife Beatrish. Victor was a knight under Duke Fredrick Rathen, the brother of the King. Nigel was raised to be a knight, in fact he was squared to Duke Fredrick, himself. Nigel learned the ways of combat and first took the field at the age of 14, when he was 16 he joined the 3rd Royal Cavalry Regiment. From there his natural talents for warfare were shown. He participate in several battles along the northern border of the Kingdom and one many battles there. Considered an expert on orc fighting he was promoted to general and given command of a multi-Legion and Regimental force and given the task of pushing the orcs back from their raiding villages in the north. The eight year campaign, know as the Fifth Orc War, lead for total victory, shattering the organized Orc military that formed over the 20 years before. The resulting flood of those seeking new land was encourage by the nobles. As a reward Nigel was given the northern most Barony. Nearly three years later he settled into the post.

Baron Nigel of Maiths Trin, House Fritzrathen

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