Ellen Smith

The Head Bouncer at the Purple Veil.


Suprisingly attractive for Half-Orc, at least when she not busting heads.


The daughter of a human smith and his Orc wife. Her father Blake the Younger, was an adventure in the kingdom many years ago and during one trip his ban came across a village of orcs beyond the border of the kingdom. They had been hit by wandering band of Ogre, they found only one young Orc maiden, Akiri with several major wounds. they took pity on her and healed her wounds. Suprised by their generousity she joined there adventuring group. Over time Blake and Akiri fell in love. retiring from Adventureing Blake returned home with his bride, only to be out cast from his family. He then moved close to the border in a small farming village becoming the Village Blacksmith. To this Ellen was born, she grew up in a house with a lot of love and ina community that made peace with her family’s odd ways. The daughter of two adventurers there was little doubt of Ellen also being an adventurer as well. first she joined The Blades of the Green Flame, but an adventure against a green dragon killed several of them. She then joined The Purple Swords an all female Adventureing Band.

Ellen Smith

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