Sir Cullen of House Fritzrathen

The Baron's Seneschal


Sir Cullen bares scars from his years and a soldier both on his body and on his soul. He walks with a mild limp, giving him a rolling gate when moving quickly.


He isn’t as well educated as most Seneschals having been a Quartermaster under the Baron when he was a officer in the the Royal Army for many years. As such he has a very military way of doing anything and enforces a clear chain of command on those working under him. He rough but fair and has little use for those easly offended or those that require politeness over facts. He has absolute control over who sees the Baron however so there little point argueing with him. other than humans, he enjoys the company of dwarves who often find his frankness a welcome change from the norm of human Seneschals.

Sir Cullen of House Fritzrathen

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