Maiths Trin: The expansion of civilization.

The Vampire Masquerade Error
Why we don't leave the Necromancer with a fancy coffin

Having sent away the orcs in terror, the party explored deeper into the ancient ruins to find that they had stumbled across the Necromancer’s favourite kind of place; an ancient burial tomb! Unable to resist the call of Archaeology and the pursuit of learning about ancient societies (Especially ones that have greater undead in the tombs!), a sealed tomb was popped open to find one of Miroku’s most highly sought curses; a Vampire. Tragically, the Vampire was not in any mood to talk, but thankfully, the party was more than willing to give the Vampire the rest he was denied.
To our dismay however, the Vampire decided it was better served escaping and trying to recuperate before taking on the party. Having the inability to track it any further, and with no means to chase the creature, the party would be forced to leave empty handed. With the exception of what they took with them. Perhaps coming back in the future for the alter as well as anything else of interest will yield better results. Perhaps there is more to be found by exploring the rest of the ruins. But night is not the time when one wants to fight against a Vampire, and perhaps clearing more distance until more can be discovered about this more formidable foe is a better plan… But these are decisions that we will have to make in the near future.

Kobolds have been removed.
Caves of Chaos.

The Caves have seen another tribe wiped out. what else lurks within the Caves of Chaos?

Goblins wiped out, Check
We should have collected ears. :)

The remainder of the Goblin Lair was cleared out, a number of goblins were killed and loot was brough out. The Party returned to town and bought a home and became a Real Adventuring group.

North to the Caves of Chaos.

The Brave adventures of no name have travel to the new found caves, there they encountered coblins and learned of at least a Ogre also residing in the caves but little else about the other caves that can be seen in the revines sides.

Welcome to the Barony of Maiths Trin.
Arrival of the new adventurers

The Barony of Maith Trin lays before you, the bustle of the Town at the base of the keep is considerable. The Keep is stone, largely from the local mountains anad transported here by magic at great cost to the kingdom. The Baron is Nigel Fritzrathen, a bastard son of the current King and the general that successfully drove the Orcs deep in the Horde lands. He a gruff get things done kind of noble. Most consider the Barony to be an attempt to keep him from trying to take the throne on his father’s death. He much more experience than the legitimate children of the King, being nearly a decade older.

The Town is protected by a Wooden Palisade, there are plans for a Stone wall but the money required to do so isn’t forth coming as much as the keep’s was. still some work is being done on the south side. In the village there are the basics, a Weaponsmith, a Armoursmith, three Inns, a Tavern, Adventurer supply shop and general store and a couple of craftsmen and women. At the south end there a number of locked barrack like buildings, that are for the farmers if the mass Orc attack.


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