Tag: Adventurers


  • North to the Caves of Chaos.

    The Brave adventures of no name have travel to the new found caves, there they encountered coblins and learned of at least a Ogre also residing in the caves but little else about the other caves that can be seen in the revines sides.

  • Adventure Bands Charters

    By law those choosing to be adventurers, should become a member of a Chartered Adventuring band. By law they are the only people allowed to carry weapons and wear armour on their own merit other than nobles. These Charters cost 500 gp when founded and a …

  • Adventurers within Kingdom of Marthis

    The general of view of Adventurers within Kingdom of Marthis is caution. They tend to be rather powerful compaired to the average person and even nobles can have a hard time dealing with them as they can live of the land fairly easily and often have …