Tag: Fighter


  • Baron Nigel of Maiths Trin, House Fritzrathen

    Nigel is the some of King Reginald the Third and a serving maid named Ethel, his mother died giving birth and his father wanted nothing to do with him. He was raised by Sir Victor Naith and his wife Beatrish. Victor was a knight under Duke Fredrick …

  • Sir Cullen of House Fritzrathen

    He isn't as well educated as most Seneschals having been a Quartermaster under the Baron when he was a officer in the the Royal Army for many years. As such he has a very military way of doing anything and enforces a clear chain of command on those …

  • Ellen Smith

    The daughter of a human smith and his Orc wife. Her father Blake the Younger, was an adventure in the kingdom many years ago and during one trip his ban came across a village of orcs beyond the border of the kingdom. They had been hit by wandering band of …

  • Darven Stoutbeard

    Like several other business men in town, Darven served in the Royal army. Draven actaully served as one of the junior officers in The Baron's Command staff during the Fifth Orc War.

  • Aric Stoutbottom

    While Aric served in the Royal army at one time, he was adventuring in the east during the Fifth Orc War. He returned to his family and with the announcement of a new barony in the North, Aric was convince to settle down. He moved his family north and …

  • Boffen Ironshanks

    "Brewing is a serious business" is an often said comment by Boffen. he comes from a long line of Dwarven brewers. Boffen is the third son of Hans Ironshanks and joined the Royal army 15 years ago. like many he fought in the Fifth Orc War under the Baron.

  • Helga Ironarm

    Helga is a Smith of no small measure, she serves as the handy woman around the Veil. Fixing the broken furnature and the like.

  • General Sir Winston Brenthwich KCSS

    He favours two hands weapons, and was trained in Heavy infantry before becoming an officer. He is the highest ranked non-noble in the Army currently. He is considered proof that the merit system can work in the Army. He spent nearly 40 years in the Army, …