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  • Orders of the Kingdom

    There are several Knightly Orders within the Kingdom. These orders are controlled by several of the noble houses and the Soveriegn. There are no religious orders formed within the kingdom. h3. The Grand Royal Order of the Black Dragon According to …

  • Grok, Orc God of Shamans

    [[File:678420 | class=media-item-align-center | Grok-orc_god_of_Shamans.jpg]] h3. Grok, Orc God of Shamans and death h4. Master of Shamans, Great Shaman *Neutral Evil* *PORTFOLIO:* *Creed:* Grok's clerical domains are Knowledge and Death.

  • Sir Cullen of House Fritzrathen

    He isn't as well educated as most Seneschals having been a Quartermaster under the Baron when he was a officer in the the Royal Army for many years. As such he has a very military way of doing anything and enforces a clear chain of command on those …

  • General Sir Winston Brenthwich KCSS

    He favours two hands weapons, and was trained in Heavy infantry before becoming an officer. He is the highest ranked non-noble in the Army currently. He is considered proof that the merit system can work in the Army. He spent nearly 40 years in the Army, …