Draventon is a small farming village within a wooden Palisade, the gates are rarely manned during the day but are manned at night by members of the Calvary regiment stationed there. The Baron maintains a Calvary regiment here to support the royal army and to patrol the norther section of the barony. As such there really community build around supplies to the Fort and The Baron’s Regiment. Supplies come through to the fort at least once a week some times more depending on need. even in the winter there at least one every two weeks as weather permits

Drake’s Wagon Repair and Tack $$$$

Drake and his four sons specialize in wagon repairs, there store also keeps tack that is bought else ware and brought to Drake. His repairs are expensive but since it is fair way back to Maiths Trin, without one’s wagon, he tends to get his price. Drake also sells blanket chests, and crates, that he builds when not repairing wagons.

Crossed Swords $$

The one of two taverns in the village, this one is dominated by whatever of the Baron’s forces are off shift. they consider it their tavern, about ten escorts ply their trade in the tavern, using one of the five private rooms to provide their services. Arix Fraint is the owner and bartender and owner. He is a former Royal Army soldier. He has four bard maids serving drinks and food. The fair is 4 cp and most often a stew of some kinds with rye bread, ale is 3 cp and cheap wine is 5 cp, good wine is 1 sp a tankard. If you are not local or a Soldier, you find yourself fair unwelcome in here.

Halana Shauluth’’s $$$

Halana is a retired adventuress, a warrior who fought as a mercenary alongside a dozen dwarven women. After she lost a hand to gangrene following a battle, she came home
and opened this bakery. She sells round, dark brown hardwheat loaves that stand up very well on the trail (2 cp each), and small buns with chopped meat stew cooked into their
centers, a delicacy to equal anything anywhere (three for 1 sp or 4 cp each). Halana has a small selection of good wares, and her prices are moderate to high.

Maerlbar’s Eggs & Fresh Fowl $$

This is a shop full of sawdust, blood, and stinks, where the thin, whining proprietor and his fat, whining wife sell eggs and geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and pheasants. All of the
birds are available live, plucked, or light-roasted. Over the counter is a little bamboo cage that contains a golden-hued songbird that Maerlbar swears is “a Wizardess of great power,
trapped by spells into the shape ye see her now.” There’s a fair selection, but it’’s not very clean. Prices are low to moderate.

Golaund Sester’’s $$$

Golaund’s is a large, exclusive rooming house, renting rooms out at 5 sp per person per night with bath included and complimentary mulled, spiced cider. No food is available, but a laundress and tailor can repair and clean clothing for 1 gp per garment. This place is often used by wealthy merchants and nobility on the way to trysts or hunts.

Halamar’’s Horses $$$

At the east end of Beliard is a stable known as Halamar’s Horses. A stout, white-bearded, retired warrior named Blasko Halamar runs the stables with the aid of a dozen boys. Blasko does a steady trade here, buying tired or lame mounts and draft animals, and selling fresh, rested replacements. He’s full of tales about adventurers, orc ambushes, and treasure. He sells mounts for 25 gp each and draft animals, such as oxen and mules for 20 gp each. If you’’re trading up for a fresh animal, he’’ll buy yours for 12 gp, and then sell to you for 10 gp more. Whatever deals are made, he’’ll try to keep a 10 gp spread between payments and prices.

Milshoun’’s Stronghouses $$$

Three squat stone warehouses stand across an open area from the well. Warehouse space can be rented by the night, tenday, or month for 10 gp per chest, 50 gp per chest, or 125 gp
per chest, respectively. The warehouses are run by Ahbhaer Mhilshoun.

The Stag at Rest $

The second tavern is a dark, low ceilinged place with a flagstone floor, rough-hewn furniture, and a quiet atmosphere. After a day of work, the townsfolk are usually too tired for more than a few tankards and a little chat, before they stumble home to bed. However, fresh gossip of the world outside will be welcomed eagerly. Particularly, the folk of Draventon always like to hear about the “lawlessness and debauchery” of the Capital. The only drinks served here are stout (3 cp per tankard), ale (2 cp per tankard), and sugared water (free). A meal is 2 sp, and consists of bread, gravy, and as much as you want from whatever is roasting in the hearth, usually bear, venison or boar. The place is run by an incredibly fat, grayhaired woman, known, oddly enough, as Delgara the Slim. She’s an expert
with a cleaver.

The Tasselway Arms $$

A stay at the Tasselway Arms only costs 7 sp per head per night, and stabling and a good evenfeast meal are thrown in. It is nothing spectacular, but rather a good, solid,
family-run inn that caters to families, honest merchants, and folk of peaceful
intent and manners. The Arms is owned by Edwin Demontouched, a Tiefling wizard of some power, he is a member of the Demontouched family that can trace their linage to Sir Wilhelm Demontouched, the half brother of King David the Third. his settlement here is purly based on the fact that few in the area care bout his demon herritage. he serves as teh Milita captain in the Village as well, and is a Yeoman of the Baron.


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