Eagles Ridge

This Village has become a softwood timber area with Timber camp all over the hills, specialling in Soft wood especially fragrant Western red Cedar , often used in to at least line Blanket chests or wardrobes. Often Shipped to Maiths Trin, some merchants come and buy carvans to take south a couple times a year.

The Leaping Hooves Trade Stables $$$

The Leaping Hooves does a steady and profitable business buying wornout mounts and selling fresh horses to travelers. When trading horses, there’s a fee of 1 sp, so Urvon, the
stablemaster, never loses much in any transaction.

Oneshield Quarries $$$$

Eagle’s Ridge is also home to a skilled dwarven stonecutter, Jarth Oneshield. Jarth is always in need of mercenary warriors and adventurers to guard his dwarven and human workers when they’re cutting stone in any of four quarries in the hills east of town. Jarth’s prices are high, but his work is good, as is the pay he gives his employees.

Dulwar Leatherworker $$$

The small, wiry, and lithe merchant Dulwar came to Eagle’s Ridge from southern points south just over a decade ago. The war harness, scabbards, sheaths, bracers, clothing, and rather crude, but warm and dry, boots Dulwar makes here in his smelly tannery are very popular with the citizenry. Dulwar gets many of the hides he uses through the work of his tanning team, a group of well-armed, strong souls who go out with a wagon into the perils of the Dale to butcher livestock for landowners and buy and bring back the hides.
Do not expect any stylish stuff here, or even simple adornments or scrollwork. Dulwar makes plain, solid, serviceable gear, and many a weary warrior or local in need has been right glad of that.

The Swinging Sword $$$

The northern inn has a round turret that looks like it belongs atop some grand castle. It marks the location of the Swinging Sword, the sometimes rowdy, casual inn of Eagle’s Ridge It’s a favorite of adventurers and others who consider themselves folk of action. It’s also popular with the local professional escorts, who can be found here most evenings. The Sword is a place where the thoughtful staff sees to the needs of guests almost as if they read minds. Baths are ready for the filthy, warm chairs by the fire for the chilled, and those who need to hide things—or themselves— in a hurry will find a beckoning chambermaid
at their elbow.

The inn is old and dark, and it’s full of secret passages and storage closets. There are also plenty of mice, and cats that chase them. The inn is run by two elderly, earthy sisters who love to hear tales of adventure and pranks. Surprisingly, both are minor sorceresses who can defend themselves with a lightning boIt or fireball if they must.

Eagles Ridge

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