Glossary of Terms

Church – refers to the organized religion of of a God or Goddess, may not always be used to formal group but to refer to the general religion.

Cult – Can refer to group of people worshipping a demon lord, or a group of people worshipping a Racial linked god or goddess by people not of that race.

Rogue – Refers generally to those that have certain skills and style of fighting that hang out in in adventuring bands, or in certain military or guard units. This is very distinct from thieves, it also some times used to refer to adventurers in general. Even the gods seem to recognize this.

Shaman – Refers to advisers to Chiefs of various races, heavily used among the Orcs and the Flynn. They can be nearly any form of caster, though most are clerics, druids or sorcerers. Warlocks are a rarity as Shamans.

Thief – Refers to those with skills that they use for primary enriching themselves at the expense of others. They often seen as sharing skills with rogues but they have a criminal bent and generally do not stray from their city holds. They are quite often quite evil and while normally not assassins, generally don’t have qualms about killing someone for just seeing them.

Temple – refers to a physical location of of a building consecrated to a God or Goddess and that building attached Clerics.


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