This Village by the Trin River serves as the northen side of the Tirn ferry Crossing on the Raven’s Trail.

The Rolling Wheel $$$$

Visitors who need gear can buy torches, candles, lanterns, tarps, ropes, spikes, shields, and even dry firewood at the Rolling Wheel. The name of the shop comes from the replacement wheels bought in bulk from southern wheelwrights sold for 20 gp each, or 50 gp for a pair and an axle (the price is firm).

Sixhorn’s Select Wares $$$$

This store is the “all things small and sundry” shop in this community. Here, one can buy everything from chamber pots to socks. Belt daggers are an especially popular buy at 2 gp
each. Canvas sacks, waxed against the weather, go for an outrageous 1 gp each. This price is surpassed only by stout, crudely built hand chests at 20 gp, and blanket chests at 35 gp

Beldarag’’s Finest

This waystables is busy night and day swapping fresh horses to travelers in easexchange
for their lame, exhausted, or mistreated mounts. To keep his reputation good, Beldarag never sells any mount he has just received in trade. This way sick and lame animals have a chance to heal, and the truly useless mounts do not earn him a customer’s ire. (All such trade animals are taken to Beldarag’s farm on Hunter’s Lane.)
Beldarag is a very good judge of horse, and has bred certain of the beasts he has acquired in trade so shrewdly that horses bearing his own sword-and-stars brand are now ranked very highly in the kingdom. Local farms provide Beldarag with most of his stock, though,
and the produce of other farms feeds the animals. The one-eyed old ex-warrior gets
good prices on feed because he always harvests and takes away what he needs himself, freeing the farmers from the hauling work and expense.
Many merchants using Rauthauvyr’s Road swap mounts here even when they do not really need to, knowing that they will get good horseflesh in the peak of condition. A typical riding horse costs 100 gp, and one can be traded in for 35 gp. A typical draft animal costs 260 gp and can be traded in for 100 gp.

One Foot in the Boat $$$

This is the sort of tavern that is always too noisy and too crowded to be as good as you remember it being, but it always shines in memory, and it always smells exciting. I think adventurers come here to plot how they’’re going to change the Realms, and then
they go out and do it! It’s worth a trip, just to say you’ve been there. It seems to impress peddlers all over the North, and native Yartarrans, too. If you’re lucky, you’ll overhear something that may lead you into adventure, or at least give you something to talk about
on other nights in other taverns.

The Jack and Saber $$

The Jack is an average tavern in all respects, from its smoke-filled air to its low-beamed, dark taproom, to its furniture that seen better days, to its patrons who have also seen
better days. You can afford to miss this one.

The White-Winged Griffon $

The Griffon is an old, creaking wooden house that threatens to come down during every high wind or storm. It lets the chill of the North blow right through the bones of the
roomers inside during cold winter weather. Known as the “Whitewings” to locals, it has the sole virtue of being cheap: rooms are 1 cp per night. All the rooms are small singles, with thin partitions between them. More rats than people live in the place, and the plumbing consists of chamberpots that are emptied out of back hatches into a noisome cesspool.
There is only one bath in the place. It’s a tub full of lukewarm water, warmed only by stones taken from the hearth. The use of the bucket of graysoap powder costs 1 gp. The
Whitewings is run by a pair of mumbling, toothless old brothers who shamble about with mops and greasy rags, and seem too sleepy and decrepit to notice anything.

The Snowbound Hound

Picture an inn that looks and feels like a well-kept manor house, all carved wood panels, tapestries, and tiles underfoot covered with large and luxurious rugs brought from many far away lands. Fill it with canopied beds, thoughtfully placed hanging lamps, wardrobes large enough for lady escorts to hide in—and furnish those wardrobes with warm houserobes and the aforementioned escorts. A delightful place, even if it’s apt to be
crowded (someone wanting real privacy may feel like they’re in the midst of a large, endless house party), and lacking in food— but the Hound can provide warm baths and fires in chilly weather


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