Justice in the Kingdom of Marthis

Justice system in the Kingdom of Marthis

In general the justice system is defined by common law that has been established since the founding of the kingdom. hundreds of years of custom and rules support this common law.
Cases are brought before a Magistrate by either a complaint brought to the Magistrate or by a officer of the law like a Sheriff or Watch officer.

High Justice

There are three forms of High Justice, Royal justice, Trial by Peers, and Noble Justice.

Royal Justice

Royal Justice is only for members of the royal bloodline, Those of royal blood and female spouses can demand this level, which requires the Sovereign to hear the case. Generally this is for serious cases as minor offences have such trivial punishments, it rarely matters.

Trial by Peers

Any noble who holds title in his or her own name or is the spouse of someone that holds title in their own name can claim trial by peers. The senior Magistrate of the area of the offence over sees the trial but the verdict comes from a Jury of Peers, general of the same rank as the person charged. this is eight or twelve depending on the crime.

Noble justice is for any noble not covered by being Royal or a Peer. In general this Children of Peers and Siblings of Peers that haven’t received their own peerage. They are judged by the most senior Magistrate of the area of the offence. there punishment is often much less than peasants and Yeo[wo]men.

Low Justice

Low justice is dispensed by trial by a magistrate of the local area, generally the one that is less busy get the case as they come. their is no really difference in the trial which is headed by the Magistrate except that Yeo[wo]men are punished less by the Magistrate in most cases.


Appeals can be made to The Nobles if they can be convince to look at the case, normally this noble who’s area the crime happened but sometimes in rare cases it can be addressed to the liege lord of the noble in question, should that fail it is possible to appeal to the The Lord Justice General’s court, though such cases are rare. in theory, one could appeal to the King even after that but no case has ever done so as some with Royal favour would not be ruled against in lower courts.

Officers of the Law

High Sheriffs are appointed by the crown to over see a county , they in turn nominate Sheriffs to administrate the Baronies, who over see City, Town and Village watches. Watches are created either from Chartered Cities, or by the Baron or other noble to look after the population centres of their realm. The Sheriff system is to provide a Royal check on the watches and attempt to provide a standard of law universal to the Kingdom. Magistrates are appointed by nobles and that considered their right. The Sheriffs prevent, in theory at least a high level of corruption with in the Watches and a means to address abuse. The Sheriffs look after charges brought to them about the members of the watch and handle it internally.

Criminal Law in the Kingdom of Marthis

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Civil Law in the Kingdom of Marthis

Justice in the Kingdom of Marthis

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