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Barony of Maiths Trin

Rules by Baron Nigel Fritzrathen, the Barony is the most Northern Barony in the Kingdom of Marthis, it also the largest, in theory, in fact it is larger then several counties within the kingdom leading some to believe the King plans to make Nigel a Marquis once the territory is more settled. It falls within the Duchy of Ravenreach, a former Royal County made Duchy with land taken in the Fifth Orc War for the King’s fourth son, Reginald Mountbatten, who just came of age to receive lands last year.

The Barony consists of one town, Maiths Trin which sits at the foot of the Castle erected for The Baron, several new villages Trinton, Draventon, Hamilton, Williamton, Raven’s Hill, and Eagle’s Ridge. There is also Fort Reginald, the base of operations for the sixth legion. There also several enterprising Freeholds, largely in the south of the Barony. A wizard name Draven build his tower at one of the crossroads in the Barony, It often known as Draven’s Crossing. With luck they maybe become Villages if the Barony prospers.

Locations in the Barony

Town of Maiths Trin
Fort Reginald – Border Fort
Dravens Crossing
Eagle’s Ridge
Raven’s Hill

Armed force of the Barony

The Army of the Barony of Maith Trin

Groups operating in the Barony

Blue Wyvern Mercenary Guild
Ten Coins Coster

Kingdom of Marthis

This Human based kingdom control most of the coast of the Taliner sea, they are borders in the south by the lands of the Border princes, in the west by the Disputed Lands, in the North with the Orc Horde lands. and in the west Fili's Kingdom. It is Currently ruled by King Reginald the Third

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Inheritance within the Kingdom of Marthis
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Trade and Commerce

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Justice in the Kingdom of Marthis


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