Orders of the Kingdom

There are several Knightly Orders within the Kingdom. These orders are controlled by several of the noble houses and the Soveriegn. There are no religious orders formed within the kingdom.

The Grand Royal Order of the Black Dragon

According to legend before the founding of the Kingdom, the would be first king proved himself to be his father’s heir by single handily slaying a black dragon that had been ravaging his father’s lands. There isn’t a lot of evidence to support this claim. Most believe it was related to the slaying of a black dragon by knights of the King shortly after the kingdom was founded. Nearly 2 dozen knight fought that great wyrn of the black species. It is the oldest knightly order and has small number of members. These are generally peers and they are often the cream of the crop in the field of combat. Most of the Male members of the royal family are members. Royal blood makes up a fourth of the Order. There is only one rank within the order. Female knights of the Black Dragon are rare but not unheard of.

Chancellor: Sovereign

The Honourable and Noble order of the Silver Star

Created shortly after the assertion of the Half blood king, it was created so the Kingdom of have a noble knightly order to look up to. Knights that become members are known for their valiant deeds and humble character. Few members show their status unless it required. Despite the ranking system that was created, most knights of the order treat each other as equals barely recognizing the difference of rank between them. As such they care little about how other view this. Nobles tend to not understand it, given the Knights popularity with the peasants however, they remark little negatively about the order. The Order has Three ranks, Knight Grand Cross [GCSS], Knight Commander [KCSS] and Companion [CSS]

The order through long tradition, has a council of Knights that review recommendation from many sources. This council is chosen through lots draw and consists of all ranks. The Chancellor, who is elected every four years serves as chair of the council.

Chancellor: Currently – Sir Dreven of Westex

The Noble Order of the Golden Lion

The Order of the Golden Lion is known snidely by some for as the order of the short. It is dominated by dwarves. Created to reward the Dwarves that fought with the queen. Since that time, the dwarves have controlled membership as the Chancellor is the Duke of the original Dwarven Duchy. Membership tends to be of those that appeal to Dwarven sensablities. More than a few weapon and armour smiths have become members when mastering this craft. Non-Dwarven nobles often find this to be distasteful as it allows merchants and crafts people to become Knights. This grumbling is kept rare as few non-dwarves can reach that standard required. The Order has Three ranks, Knight Grand Cross [GCGL], Knight Commander [KCGL] and Companion [CGL]

Chancellor: Curently – Sir Thoror, Duke of Bhelen

The Graceful Order of the Silver Unicorn

The order of the Silver Unicorn is a dynastic order of knighthood established in 996 by Queen Victoria. It recognizes distinguished personal service to the monarch of the realm, members of the monarch’s family, or to any viceroy or senior representative of the monarch
There are no limits on the number honoured and admission remains the personal gift of the monarch, with each of the order’s five grades and one medal with three levels representing different levels of service. While all those honoured may use the prescribed styles of the order—the top three grades grant titles of knighthood, and all grades accord distinct post-nominal letters. The Order has five ranks, Knight Grand Cross [GCSU], Knight Commander [KCSU], Companion [CSU], and two non-knight ranks Commander [ComSU] and Captain [CapSU]. Further there is there are three Classes of Metal of the Silver Unicorn First, Second and Third. [1stSU], [2ndSU], [3rdSU].

Chancellor: Sovereign

Order of the Kingdom of Marthis

This Order doesn’t grant knight hood and often seen as a civil order, despite the fact that military action isn’t required for any of the knightly orders. It often also granted to Priests to show favour from the realm as many churches object to pledged service to the crown, which is implied at least with the knightly orders. It is often granted for works of charity or works of knowledge or art. It has two ranks Officer [OKM] and Member [MKM]

Chancellor: Arms Marshal

Orders of the Kingdom

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