Ravens Hill

Raven’s Hill is a village that is developing a timber industry as well as the common farming for many villages. Much of the timber is transported to Maiths Trin, were it is made into furnature. Much of the rest is used within the Barony though the Duskwood is often exported south as well.

The Bent Bow $$$

This is an excellent archers’ shop, opening onto the Bell Market. It is known for its everbright (nonrusting) arrowheads, some of which can be enspelled so that they can be located from afar (in other words, if an archer shoots an arrow into someone or something, it can be magically traced). The Bent Bow is also known for its custom-made bows, which can be designed to pull to the desired weight of the purchaser.

Blackraven Wagons, Doors, and Shutters $$$$$

Hundarr Blackraven is one of the dozen or so best of Raven’s Hill’s justly famous carpenters and woodcarvers. He makes simple, large, and sturdy items of the three types he deals in
with very strong joints (so they’’ll hold together when the work of another might not). Hundarr prides himself and his shop ‘prentices in working both very well and very quickly; a
custom-order door might take only an afternoon.

Gullaxe’’s Stairs, Rails, Poles, Staves, and Handles $$$$$

Ondabar Gullaxe is another of Raven’s Hill’s best woodworkers. He specializes in smooth-turned wood, and makes handles for all tools and weapons, including polearms of the finest quality. His talent is for weeding out wood with inherent weaknesses and faults, and in balancing something perfectly at the first attempt after once hefting the pike head, axe blade, arrowhead, or other metal part that needs a handle attached to it.

Hammerlar’’s Fine Floors and Housework

Olen Hammerlar’s works, of all the fine Raven’s Hill’s woodcrafts, will be most familar to common folk: He’ is a house carpenter, all whistles and chewing tobacco, whose speciality is the “one-day porch.” He has the knack for lightning-fast work, and can bring his own horse-driven sawmill to any place his wagon will go. He restricts his work to within six days’ travel from Raven’s Hill. He promises to put up any cabin or palisade in a tenday
or less (except in winter).

The Lutery $$$$$

Jonstal Haerdrun is a grim, sharp chinned giant of a man who makes all manner of wooden musical instruments. He’s an accomplished musician, but refuses to perform or to tutor,
spending his free time in hunting for just the right trees deep in the northern forests. He often hires guards on these long, perilous expedition— and on more than one such expedition has proven himself a deadly swordsman as he cut his way out of orc ambushes.
He has very white skin, a slight build, and a long mane of unruly coal-black hair that he wears tied back in a long tail.

Old Ornar’s Beds and Tables $$$$

Ornar Myntul is the grand old man of Raven’s Hill’s woodworkers—he trained many of the best. Now, in the twilight of his years (he’ has seen 112 or more winters!), he contents himself with whittling walking sticks that have fearsome faces for amusement, while importing and selling fine, but plain, beds and tables to those who can’’t afford the work of the other fineworkers. Most of Raven’s Hill’s best charge 30 gp for even the smallest and most insignificant piece, and large canopied beds or the like can often run into the thousands of gold pieces. Ornar’s most expensive bed, by contrast, is 18 gp, and most of his stock is 8 gp or less. He is an expert at identifying woods —even from charred fragments.

Thimm’’s Shingles, Shakes, and Finefinish Tabletops

Olosk Thimm is a placid giant of a man who spends his days putting replacement legs and tops on damaged furniture, except when he’s up on a roof, replacing it. He was once
attacked by a bugbear patrol when splitting shingles alone in the forest and used his axe to slaughter the lot of them, bringing their heads back as proof. This was long ago, but folk still
talk of Olosk calmly bowling the heads down one of Raven’s Hill’’s streets to frighten an aggressive neighbor who’d been pestering him over some incident or other. Needless to say, he was successful. Merchants beware: He doesn’’t seem like the sort one should anger.

Jolym’’s Barrels & Packing $$$

Jolym custom-makes packing crates. Prices depend on the sizes, but they go from 5 sp to 5 gp per crate. Most crates that two people can carry go for the minimum. The shop also sells
stock crates for 3 sp each, and barrels for 3 gp each. Handkegs sell for 1 gp each.

The Stag at Bay $$$

Named for a sumptuous tapestry hung on its taproom that depicts an elven hunt, the Stag is located near the Silver Moon Gate. It caters to visiting hunters, adventurers, and those
who’d like to fool themselves into thinking they’re intrepid. Patrons outdo each other describing the perilous adventures that have befallen them in the North.”

The Old Owl $$

This quiet, family place is favored by elders. It is given to quiet conversation, card playing, and silent smoking. Loud and boisterous revelers are shown the door. The proprietor, a retired warrior, sets his prices low. Drinkers have little variety to choose from, but his home-brew is surprisingly good.

The Firestar Chariot $$$

Located on Undle Lane (which runs due south from the Circle), this establishment is named for its vividly painted signboard, bought from a carnival in Tethyr. The board depicts two fire giants riding into battle on a chariot of flames, drawn by a flaming winged horse, and trailing stars. Inside, the place is given over to loud music and even louder furnishings.
It is patronized by young folk looking for thrills, and is prowled by so many evening escorts that some folk of Ravens Hill consider it little better than a festhall. Thankfully, the
rooms are luxuriously furnished and sound-proofed. A complimentary bottle of “firestar wine” (amber sherry, doctored with a little ruby cordial, but very good nonetheless) is included with every room each evening you tay. Rooms run 9 sp to 2 gp/night, depending on size and appointments.

Ravens Hill

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