Religion in Kingdom of Marthis

Religion is a matter of personal reflection and need. Many people are not devoted to any one god and will pray or give offerings to the God or Goddess that fits their current needs or desires. Given this some temples find their donations quite fixed on a certain season or feast day. Some might have to struggle through the year, just waiting for a feast or festival day that they will be flushed with coin and worshipers.

Adventuring Priest are common money makers for their home temple as they tithe 20 percent of their wealth, this tithe is twice as much as lay worshipers, who’s Tithe is 10 percent. Granted Adventuring Priests also make a lot more money than a lay worshiper.

Temples often also gain money from selling their healing services, to those that can afford them. Some charge rich fees for greater abilities.

The Order of Faiths

The Order of Faiths was created in the reign of Edward the First in 355 YK, King Edward was known as a Pious person and lived humbly all of his life. He created the Order of the Faiths so that the gods and goddesses of the Realms three founding people could work in peace and not to conflict with each other. Ever since the Order of Faiths has govern the various gods and goddesses of the human, elves and dwarfs.

The Order is made up the High priest of each member religion, they each pay a percentage of their faiths collective income to run the administration of the order. They elect a The High Chancellor of the Order of Faiths from themselves. He serves as member of the Privy Council on all things religious. The Order’s council sets what are acceptable Tithes and make sure new feasts and festival don’t conflict with already establish ones. They also admit faith into the order. Nearly all of the Human, Elven and Dwarven faiths have been accepted, other races have found their gods often shut out.

Current members of the Order of Faiths

Aliona, Dwarven Goddess of War and Stratagy
Arisi, Goddess of the Wind
Aria, Elven Goddess of Autumn
Arthis, Goddess of the Hunt
Delena, Goddess of Magic
Dewain, Dwarven God of Endurance
Doth, Goddess of Death
Eldia, Goddess of War and Strategy
Grimfrost, Dwarven God of Stone
Helista, Elven goddess of Nature
Henta, God of Fire
Hentica, Goddess of Independence and Strength
Hivelle, Elven Goddess of Winter
Melissia, Elven Goddess of Music
Schmieden, Dwarven God of Smithing
Selenilli, Goddess of Sea
Selenina, Goddess of the Moon
Selina, Elven goddess of the Beauty and Love
Vilin, Dwarven God of Vengeance
Wissen, Dwarven God of Knowledge

Non-outlawed Faiths

Every non-violent or at least non-against Human, Elves and Dwarfs faith belong to this group. They in general suffer from disadvantage of administration. Few such faiths have more than one temple in the kingdom, and most are barely hanging on unless they have a strong community within the kingdom.

Current faith operating in the Kingdom

Allettante, Elven Goddess of Seduction and Temptation
Sgathaich, Flynn Goddess of War

Outlawed faiths

The Following Faiths are outlawed by Law:

Anaroth, God of Slaughter
Anness, God of Murder
Drenthi, Orc Godess of Magic
Elitici, Flynn Goddess of Undeath
Grok, Orc God of Shamans
Morgen, Orc Goddess of the Hunt
Nethlini, Elven Goddess of Undeath
Untoten, Dwarven God of Undeath
Wenk, Orc God of Winter
Wrineth, Goddess of the Undead

Demon lords and ladies
Abraxas, Baron of Pleroma
Asmodeus, Supreme Master of the Nine Hells, Lord of Nessus
Baphomet, Count of The Endless Maze
Belial, Seneschal of Phlegethos
Demogorgon, Prince of Demons, Duke of the Gaping Maw
Dispater, Duke of Dis
Fierna, Duchess of Phlegethos
Glasya, Princess of the Nine Hells, Duchess of Malbolge
Graz’zt, The Dark Prince,
Levistus, Duke of Stygia
Lolth, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, Duchess of Spider Keep
Malcanthet, Queen of Succubi, Duchess of Shendilavri
Mammon, Duke of Minauros
Mephistopheles, Duke of Cania
Yeenoghu, King of Gnolls, Count of Yeenbarth

Religion in Kingdom of Marthis

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