The Royal Offices of the Kingdom of Marthis

Officers of the Royal Household

[All but the Bearer of the Royal Standard are members of the Small Council]

Lord Chamberlain

The Lord Chamberlain is the King’s personal adviser and voice of the King at Royal Court within the capital when his is away or cannot attend do to illness or other matters. He heads the Council of Small Matters and Chairs the Council of Peers. Often retains the Nickname “The Hand of the King” Generally has the trust of the king, though a few Lord Chamberlains have been sentence to death for Treason over the history of the Kingdom. Lord Chamberlain is also a member of the Privy Council.

Lord Steward

Master of the Royal household, Lord Steward looks after the Royal Household and the Castle and lands that includes. A respected position, it is held often by a member of the royal family, while this does have a lot of control of the wealth of the household, it has no control over the Royal Army or the Royal Guard. There is very little direct political power, but the person usually has a direct access to the King. Lord Steward is also a member of the Privy Council.

Master of the Horse

The Master of the Horse, a peer and a member of the Privy Council., who attends all matters connected with the horses and the hounds of the sovereign, as well as the stables and coach-houses, the stud, mews and the kennels, are within his jurisdiction. The practical management of the Royal Stables and stud the Gentleman of the Horse whose appointment was always permanent and usually a knight of some accomplishment.

Keeper of the Privy Purse

The Keeper of the Privy Purse and Treasurer to the King/Queen is responsible for the financial management of the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Marthis. This is different from the Lord Stewart, who manage the Sovereign’s income. The Keeper of the Privy Purse manages the Budget of Sovereign’s household.

He is assisted by the Deputy Treasurer to the King/Queen for the management of the civil list, and the royal palaces presentation fund. Deputy Treasurer also has charge of financial management of all funds covered by civil list and grant-in-aid. The Civil list manage the funding for member of the royal household that are not minors, but have not either been granted direct peerage or for other reasons do not hold a household of their own. Often this includes old or infirm members of the Royal House, Widows of Royal Blood, and Royal Wards.

Master of the Household

The Master of the Household is the operational head of the “below stairs” elements of the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Marthis. He has charge of the domestic staff, from the Royal Kitchens, the pages and footmen, to the housekeeper and her staff.

Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal

The Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal keeps the personal seal of the King. its basic privilege is easy access to the King. in the case of older Kings or Queens, the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal helps write or read correspondence for the Monarch.

Bearer of the Royal Banner

An Appointment of the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Marthis, largely a ceremonial role, a young nobleman or knight generally holds the position. they are expected to be a good horseman as if the Sovereign takes the field in battle, they will manage the Royal Banner, and they are not allowed to let it fall into enemy hands, even if the Sovereign falls. The Banner has never been captured by a enemy of the Sovereign, and is generally seen as the main reason that Prince James [Later King James the Fourth] was able to strike back at Robert, Prince of Norfolk during the end of the Robert Rebellion.

Officers of the Kingdom of Marthis

[All are members of the Privy Council]

Lord High Steward

The Lord High Steward looks after the general running of the Kingdom as a whole, He is the Chair of the Privy Council, and looks after all matters of Governance not covered by a member of the council. Generally it filled with a Peer, who is agreeable to most of the peers of the Realm. Often in the case of Minor children inheriting the throne, if a Regent has not be name prior, the Lord High Steward will serve as Regent.

Lord Chancellor

The Lord Chancellor looks after the organization and attendance of the Royal Court and any requirements for the travel of the Royal court should that need to arise. He will also look after the organization and attendance of both the Privy Council and if need the Council of Peers. His power lays in the fact he sets the agenda of the Royal Court and the Councils, a matter can very much be left off discussion of weeks, months or years if he wishes. He also holds the Great Seal of the Kingdom of Marthis.

Lord High Treasurer

The Lord High Treasurer functions as the head of His [Her] Majesty’s Treasury. He is assisted by Chancellor of the Exchequer. they control the expenditures of the Government of the Kingdom for those expenses expected and for any projects or plans that King approves of. They also control the minting of coinage within the realms.

Lord High Constable

The Lord High Constable is the Commander and Chief of the the Royal Army and Legatus Augusti pro praetore of its Legion, though this title is rarely used. He has full control over the use of the army, and is the chief planner of any military actions taken on by the Kingdom as a whole. Generally this is a tested military officer, and peer. Further, the Military experience comes first and many times in the history of the Kingdom history it has been a baron because of this.

Arms Marshal

The Arms Marshal is Headmaster of the College of Arms and is the final say of the use of arms within the Kingdom of Marthis. he is also the Royal Master of Heralds and manages all communication and proclamation to the public of the Kingdom. He receives any requests from the general public for the Sovereign’s attention and is often seen as the public’s advocate at court. As such this person with this title is often from lower rungs of nobility or simply a knight. This addition to the Arms Marshal’s duties was added after the Robert rebellion.

Lord Justice General

The Highest Judge of the Kingdom, he runs the Court of Appeals and Chairs the Justice Court of Peers when it is activated. He is the chief interpreter of the Common law of the Land and Legal advisor to the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Marthis. Normally a Duke, and often a Royal Duke, they are to be largely impartial, efforts have especially been made since the Robert’s rebellion to impress on the holder to be impartial.

The Lord High Admiral

The Lord High Admiral is the titular head of the Royal Navy. Most have been courtiers or members of the Royal Family, and not professional naval officers. He chairs and have control over the Council of the Admiralty. He also manage any Naval Campaigns on Behalf of the Sovereign when required.

The Small Council

The council jointly looks after the matters related directly to the Royal House and Household. They can’t be overruled save by the King. They don’t control peers or matters of government. Generally they plan trips by members of the royal house, looking after the handful of castles that the royal house owns directly and other such internal matters.

The Privy Council

The Privy Council is the functional government of the Kingdom, they help the King run his lands and over see the organizations that help control the Kingdom. they can also suggest people to fill vacant peerages, or the creation of new Peerages. The Council also includes Privy Counselors that are often experts in a particular subject of interest to the Privy Council. Such Counselors are paid a Scrip by the Crown to keep them on retainer when the Crown needs them. Being a Privy Counselor can prove to be quite profitable in specialties that provide products or services.

The Council of Peers

The Council of Peers is the entire kingdom’s Peers sitting in council. This is done rarely as it is generally chaotic and hard to manage. It is only called for extremely large changes in how the government functions or when the Sovereign has left no heir, or in the case of the Robert’s Rebellion to confirm the Sovereign right to govern.

The Royal Offices of the Kingdom of Marthis

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