Timeline of The Kingdom of Marthis

13608 BK The Founding of the Panormus Empire

12847 BK The Panormus Empire is at its hight of power and land base goin coast to Coast in Vanerth

10239 BK The Captial of the Panormus Empire is smited by the gods for reason that have het to be revealed to the current generation. A great deal of turmoil is causes and nearly all races fall into a Dark age of Barbarianism in the next few thousand years.

6263 BK Some Elves begin a retreat to a island in the western sea beyond human sailing capabilities of the time. The Island is refered to as Myst from this point on.

1204 BK Prince Lorin Of the Elven court falls in love with a daughter of a Human barbarian Chieftain. He marries her and founds the Duchy of Lorin

1102 BK A Dwarven Prince called Bhelen, Exiled from the mountains for his political views fights the barbarian tribe called the Vanlin, He defeats them but agrees to let them live together with his people. He founds the Princedom of Steel-Vanlin

1084 BK Tribal Chieftain unites seven tribes under his black dragon banner. He forms the Duchy of Marthis, naming in honour of his father.

998 BK The Orcs begin raiding the human settlements in the north.

893 BK Prince Bhelen, on his death bed renounces his royal blood and curses his Dwarven family within the mountains for rejecting his plea to one last time see his home. Bhelen adopts the term Duke to pass to his heir Pyral thus he becomes the first Duke of Bhelen

895 BK Bhelen’s tomb tower is completed; nearly 120 feet high, he is placed as he wished as high as he could be.

753 BK The first real Horde attack comes from the Horde lands, inflicting great damage until a combined for of the Human, elves and dwarves fight a war over the next 20 years of and on.

733 BK The Orcs are driven into the then Horde land borders in defeat.

658 BK Lorin dies and pass the throne to Lorin the Younger, his half-elf son.

358 BK Another horde sweeps down from the horde lands almost destroying the Duchy of Marthis. The Dwarves, Humans and Elves fight the orcs back but it nearly 30 years before they pushed out of the duchies in a permanent manner.

158 BK The first round of talks between the three duchy about forming a kingdom. It ends with the Elven Duke’s son Galithi being assassinated. The Assassin is never caught, leaves bad blood on all sides.

38 BK The talk of forming a kingdom is again rekindled because of a rise in Orc activity in the Horde Lands.

35 BK A large attack from the Horde lands hit all the civilized land of the north, all talk are suspended as a war of survival happens.

19 BK The First Orc War is finally finished the orcs are pushed deep into the Horde lands. There isn’t the man power to keep the area freed from the orcs. Talks resume but are stalled as the dwarves will not live in a land ruled by an Elven king.

1 BK The ground work for the Kingdom is laid out, the agreement becomes since Humans are the majority in all duchies, that they will form the first royal house – Wilhelm of House Marthis agrees to be king.

1YK Wilhelm the First is coronated and swears to govern the land in a fair and honourable manner. The Kingdom has three founding people and as such those three races shall always be the core of the Kingdom.

32 YK King Wilhelm the First dies and his son Henry, takes the name Wilhem and become Wilhelm the Second

52 YK King Wilhelm the Second dies, just days later of his only surviving child Fredrick. David, the grandson of Edric, the Brother to Wilhelm the first takes the throne. He marries Liefivi, the granddaughter of the Duke of Lorin.

78 YK David the First dies and leaves the throne to David the Second, often known as the Half blooded king.

79 YK seven Dwarven Nobles rebel against the Throne, citing the pledge of the to never sit under a elven King. the Duchy of Bhelen remains loyal. The Rebellion of the Hammer begins.

82 YK The last of the Seven houses is defeated thus ending the rebellion. David the Second allows to Fili, Duke of Bhelen to manage the resolution of the lands under question in his own manner. Five the house remain dwarven, two are awarded to human generals that distinguished themselves.

248 YK David the Second dies in his sleep, his great-great-great-great-great grandson Wilhelm the Third inherits a realm prospering and growing. The Reign of David the Second is often called “Long Summer” as it was a time of peace and growing prosperity

251 YK A Horde of great size descends on the kingdom, several areas are overwhelmed in mere days. The Second Orc War begins.

258 YK A horde army cuts off the retreating royal guard and kills King Wilhelm the Third, the Royal banner and his 16 year old son Prince Henry escapes.

259 YK Prince Henry is crown King Henry the First and beings the task of finding more troops to drive out the orcs. The state of war causes the tradition of regent to be waved.

262 YK An army of 5000 Dwarves offer to fight the orcs that the Kingdom has been fighting in a sea-saw series of battles over the last four years. King Henry accepts there offer, in hopes that it can end the stalemate.

263 YK The Dwarves turn the tide and help defeat the Orcs driving them back to the horde lands, the dwarves are granted the Duchy of Aeducan which consists of lands, they kingdom force the orcs out of.

278 YK King Henry the First dies leaving the throne to his only living child, Katherine. She is crowned Queen Katherine the First and retains her house name. She marries a young Knight named Sir Nigel in her father’s service, who becomes the first Prince Consort.

279 YK Expecting a weak Queen, several barons try to infringe on Royal domains. Queen Katherine punishes them as an example; several other nobles start a rebellion, known as the Gown Rebellion.

280 YK Queen Katherine adopts men’s clothing and take up command of her own army to crush the Gown Rebellion. By the end of the year all the nobles at the heart of the rebellion are dead executed by stake.

284 YK Orc Raids increase along northern border, the Queen leads her armies north and crush the Orc tribes causing the problem in a series of battles. Their leaders when captured are executed by stake. She gains the nickname Warrior Queen, and his known through the rest of her reign as ruthless but just.

286 YK Kathrine puts forth a number of legal reforms that lay the foundation for the Magistrate and Sheriff systems that are part of the Justice system. She adds the idea of appeals and creates the position of Lord Justice General.

299 YK Queen Kathrine dies under unusual circumstances; legend suggests she was poisoned by a jealous courtier, or someone want revenge for a past wrong. Her son takes the royal name Wilhelm the Fourth, his Prince name of David is stricken from all formal records.

301 YK King Wilhelm the Fourth, begins a project of building the King’s Highway, this road would be six carts white and would replicate one of the great roads of the Panormus Empire, he further strengthens trade with the Kingdom of Draven to the south and the Kingdom of Rath further south. He make trade offering to the Kingdom of the Dwarves to the east and attempts to establish trade routes to the west.

353 YK King Wilhelm the Fourth dies and his son becomes King Edward the First. Do to his Religious nature, he is often known as King Edward the Pious.

355 YK King Edward the First creates the Order of the Faiths so that the gods and goddesses of the Realms three founding people could work in peace and not to conflict with each other. Ever since the Order of Faiths has govern the various gods and goddesses of the human, elves and dwarfs. The King spends most of his reign living extremely humbly and is remember as a just and fair king.

358 YK The Orc Warrior Thrag come to the Annual Goodwill Tournament to compete, despite many objections of nobles and knights, King Edward allows Thang to compete as the terms of the Tournament clearly allow for anyone under arms to compete. Thrag does well and wins the Grand Melee. As the winner he is knighted and made a Baronet of a village close to the Border with the Orc Horde Lands. This makes Thrag the first orc to become a citizen of the realm.

362 YK An orc incursion occurred near Thang’s Village and he rallied the militia of the Village and defeated the scouting band. Realizing that larger force was massing, he took control of the local Baron’s army [the Baron was in the Capital] and through cunning and stratagy defeated a force of Orcs 10 times the size of the Baron’s army and the Militia. As a result the royal army attacked the Horde lands and took more land for the Kingdom. At the time many believed that Thang’s action saved the Kingdom from another long Orc War. King Edward made Thang a Baron of one of the newly created baronies. He Married a Yeowoman and settled down.

368 YK The Cathedral to Haddin, God of Law and Justice is completed largely funded by King Edward’s frugal spending on luxuries that before him were common for Kings. The largest Cathedral to any God or Goddess in the world at that time. Despite it size it remains humble in it decoration which for the most part remained only the stone of the Cathedral itself and some a great deal of Iron work in place of the gold and silver in most temples.

425 YK King Edward the First dies, his great grandson Edric takes the throne at the age of 19, taking the name Wilhelm the Fifth.

426 YK A Cousin of the King, Count Edward of Bedfordshire, launches a claim that he is the true heir, producing a letter from Edward saying so. Wilhelm’s response to the letter takes so long that Edward launches an attack on the capital in a bid to press his claim by force. The attack dismantles the Royal Army force that went out to meet it. The capital comes under siege. The event causes Wilhelm to be nicknamed “The Unready”. The Duke of Bhelen and the Duke of Aeducan rally their forces in the Defense of the King as do other nobles from further away, others side with Count Edward, and yet others declare neutrality and ask for peace. The Letter Rebellion begins.

427 YK The Letter is declared a forgery, by King Wilhelm after the careful analyze of the Wizard Belem of Greystrokes, a disinterested third party. Count Edward declares that Belem had been bought off by the King. Belem is deeply angry by the accusation and joins King Wilhelm’s forces. Several nobles surrender to the Mercy of the King as a result of the letter however marking a turning point in the Rebellion.

428 YK Count Edward and his forces are defeated. The Wizard Belem is given the County of Bedfordshire for his efforts for the War. Edward is convicted of treason by a Court of Peers and King Wilhelm takes the unusual action of beheading Edward himself. Several other face the axe as a result of treason. Some histories written by scholars call it “The Summer of Blood.”

459 YK King Wilhelm the fifth is Assassinated on the grounds of Daven Castle by the grandson of Count Edward, his father was spared and fostered off to the Duke of Aeducan. Apparently he molded his son into a weapon of revenge. The poison on the dagger was so strong it prevented magical resurrection. The Assassin gave himself peacefully and was tried and executed Wilhelm’s grandson Henry took the throne becoming coming Henry the Second after his father refuses the crown because of his advance age in his opinion. His grandfather’s assassin is executed by stake the first use of that method of execution in a hundred years.

474 YK A group of 300 orc come to the norther boarder of the Kingdom and claim refugee in the name of all the Gods of Light. They are led by a lay preacher named Wilhelm, they are largely unarmed for Orcs. They are held in a camp, while word is sent to the capital. This sparked a long drawn-out debate about theology and ethics throughout the Kingdom that wasn’t resolved for 7 months. Advance scouting seems to indicate Orcs were gather in the Horde lands. It was very far from the Kingdom thought so it wasn’t considered a threat. The Orcs were accepted into the kingdom.

475 YK to 477 YK Often called the Years of Sorrow, a wave of anti-Founding peoples violence when through the kingdom. While most targeted at Orcs, Tieflings and other clearly non Normal races, even a Gnomes and Halfling get caught up in it. Henry the Second issues a proclamation of tolerance and peace of all citizens of the kingdom no matter what their race in new year’s speech in 476. Two weeks late, there is an attempted assassination of the King as he was riding out of the capital to hunt. The king was only lightly wounded but responded by issuing execution by stake of anyone convicted murder for such reasons. In the winter of 477, seven nobles were found guilty of encouraging such crimes, defying the conventions of the time King Henry has them executed by stake. This caused a stir among the nobles of the kingdom. Rumours started that there might be a rebellion.

478 YK As soon as the ground is firm enough from the melting snow, the Orcs sweep in from the north destroying several counties utterly in the span of a couple weeks. The kingdom struggles to get their armies together. Talk of rebellion goes away as a war of survival took hold. King Henry died at the battle of Henry’s Sorrow as he and 200 Calvary charged into the main force of the Orcs causing them to pause, allowing the assembled army of 5000 to retreat to the fortified town Jen’s Crossing so they could rest and take on supplies. His son Henry became Henry the Third at the age of 17, technically not old enough to rule, his regent died in the battle, He took the reins of power and began the defensive war that would characterize his Reign, the Third Orc War had begun.

498 YK After years of defensive fighting, a schism in the orc ranks allows for a counter-offensive, several battles cause the loss of up to 150,000 orcs in the span of three weeks. The forces of the kingdom mange to push the orcs to the border at the being of the war. The orcs still active for a number of years but only in smallish raiding bands rarely over three hundred strong. The kingdom is broke and exhausted but the Third Orc War is over.

502 YK The Principality of Norfolk join the kingdom in a peaceful manner, creating the only principality in the kingdom. This removes the threat of war between the two nations.

504 YK King Henry the Third died, from an unknown aliment or possibly poison. His son Henry the Fourth takes the throne, he begins the creation of a merchant fleet to expand trade across the known world.

508 YK King Henry the Fourth’s wife is reveled to have been replaced by a succubus as Henry’s second child and son is a tiefling. The Succubus is killed, the child was going to be killed by High priest Regin Dravonsblood but the Henry kills him to save his son; this cause a great deal of rumblings through the kingdom. Henry resolves to raise his new son Wilhelm long side his older brother David.

510 YK A Zealot of the followers of Solus, God of the Sun and Goodness, tries to assassinate Wilhelm, David defends his brother and gets stabbed. Wilhelm tends to the wound while a nurse runs to get a priest. The Priesthood of Solus, God of the Sun and Goodness formally condemns the attack.

529 YK King Henry dies, and David take the throne as King David the Third, his brother Sir Wilhelm is made Commander in Chief of the Royal guard. Other than his Knighthood in the order of the Black Dragon he takes no other titles and by his request he is given no lands. He the same year marries a serving maid. He takes the last name Demontouched. His descendants are fiercely proud on this name.

531 YK A series of insults were exchanged between a Dwarf name Ferick and the Son of the Count of Auxerre, this leads to a duel and the Dwarf is killed. Ferick was the Son of King Wilhelm the twelfth of Fili’s Kingdom and his heir. His death at the hands of a human, quickly leads to War between Fili’s Kingdom and Kingdom of Marthis. There a number of small battles, each side claiming a victory or two.

534 YK In the fall of the year, the Battle of Cleaved Shield results in the Kingdom of Fili’s defeat. The Dwarves retreat to their mountains holds. The kingdom fortifies the area near the Fili’s kingdom borders but doesn’t infringe in their traditional territory. The human records label this the end of the War but the Dwarves have a different opinion.

535 YK The glut of dwarven weapons and armour that came from the war spoils clears and the end of the year sees trade from dwarven sources dry up nearly completely. While dwarven wares can be produced from local ore, the special metals often work dry up almost completely. Adamantine and Mithral become very rare.

555 YK King David the Third dies in a hunting accident, His only living son, Reginald is seven years old, His brother, Sir Wilhelm Demontouch serves as regent, there is much grumbling in various circles.

566 YK Reginald is crowned King Reginald the First, the day after his 18th birthday. His Uncle has been completely honest. Reginald retains him as Commander in chief of the Royal Guard.

568 YK The city states of Limthoth are signed to the Limthoth Accords with the Kingdom, it is the first major event of Reginald’s reign.

571 YK King Reginald the First Marries Felina, daughter of the High Lord of Limthoth.

573 YK There is an Assassination attempt on King Reginald, The Assassin was caught but died in the next couple days, poisoned it is said. King Reginald live on but gains a limp from the attack. The guard around his infant son, Rikard is doubled. The investigation is stalled as all leads dry up.

574 YK There is another Assassination attempt on the King, though this time he not even wounded. The Assassin dies within minutes of being captured. The king releaves the entire small Council of the duties rules without the help of them until the end of the year.

575 YK The King assigns people of clear loyality to the Small Council, dispite this there is another assassination attempt. The arrested Assassin is captured and purge of poisons, the intergation reveals that a cell fo Zantech worship had established itself in the capital an seeks to sow chaos, its signal will be the death of the king. King Reginald beings a search for the cultist, which over the year becomes a purging of undisirables in the city, King Reginald become know as the paranoid king.

576 YK The cult cell headquarters is found in a warehouse in the capital. It clear that the leadership has gone to ground and fled, those that are capture die to unknown poisons or are tourtured and then staked. The death toll of the related events over the last two years is nearly 5000.

580 YK The King stabs his wife in a fit of maddness, one of his guards attempts knock him out but the resulting blow from the flat of his blade kills the king. The High Chancellor of the Order of Faiths declairs that it is clear sign from the gods, the kining isn’t subjected to resurrection. the Queen lives but is weaking by the assault. Duke Richard the Eigth of York serves as Regent until Rikard comes of age.

591 YK Prince Rikard choose to become King David the Fourth, he spends the early part of his reign, seeing to reforms in the Order of Faiths, he had become a cleric of Solus in the time before his assention.

594 YK King David lays the first stone for the Temple of Solus in the capital though the temple would take 15 years to build. Solus worship surges in the kingdom.

595 YK King David weds Princess Raven of Norfolk, the daughter of the current Prince of Norfolk.

597 YK King David’s first son David is born in the middle of the night. Some members of the Church of Solus see it as a sign of bad things to come.

604 YK Prince David manages to slip away from his caretakers, he makes his way into the countryside. he is missing for the rest of the year.

606 YK Prince David is found at a isolated farm not that far from the capital, he had been there for since a couple of days after he run away. he had began to help out on the farm as any child his age would have. Prince David reluctently returns home.

611 YK The completed Temple of Solus is completed, Prince David doesn’t attend the opening citing several clerics of Solus dislike for him. This furthers the wedge between the King and his Heir.

615 YK A very public fight between the king and his son erupts, the rest of the year is spent wondering if the King might choose one of his other children as Heir.

616 YK The influance of the Solus Church on the king is clear, however the King resists their appeal to remove Prince David as heir, an appoint one of his other children all of which are on their way to be Clerics of Solus.

624 YK King David the Fourth dies, and Prince Davide becomes David the Fifth, he quickly is tagged with the Mocker, Peasant King by many nobles. As a result of this the King plants a small field in the Courtyard of the Royal castle and tends to it personally every day as well as a accompany hen house.

625 YK King David scandlizes the court by marrying a peasant girl, daughter of the farmer that took him in, fufiling a promice he made to her when they were children. She is a humble woman of both looks and personality but the king fawns over her. by the end o the year, she give the king, twin children James and Emma.

627 YK King David issues the Heir proclamation, which states that the Heir Appointed or Heir Apparent cannot be trained by any Church of any faith, as the forthcoming duty to the Kingdom must come before even the gods. Debate in the Order last the whole years as some feel condeming the nature of the King Proclamation. The Council deadlocks since some point out that it doesn’t forbit a person from becoming Soveriegn if they have entered the faith already.

629 YK The King ends the estrangement between himself and his sibblings who are all members of standing in the Church of Solus. Dispite this the favour of the Church of Solus and the crown has waned in teh fave of the new king.

634 YK The Queen is stricken by an unknown illness neither powers of faith or the remadies of Alchemists seem to help. The Queen dies mid-summer, the royal family goes into morning.

640 YK Princess Emma take the Goodwill tournment’s Joisting event to the surprise of everyone involved at the age of 15. her father forbids her from entering the Grand melee however.

644 YK Prince James presents his treaty on the responsiblities of Kingmanship to the Royal Univeristy. The Political document turned book slow moves its way across Venarth.

648 YK Prince James marries Lady Satha of York, a fellow student of the Royal University. Princess Emma wins both Joisting and Grand melee at the years Goodwill tournment. The King proclaims that James will be the heir to the throne.

649 YK Princess Emma become back to back winners of the Goodwill Tournment. Some nobles are critical of the win, saysin her status.

650 YK Princess Emma becomes a three time, in series Champion of the Goodwill tourments Joist and Grand melee. She become engaged to a baronet that she almost kill in the grand melee. She also retires from partispating in the Joist and Grand melee and takes up archery.

652 YK The Kings first grand son is born to Prince James and Princess Satha, he is also named James.

671 YK King David the Fifth dies and Prince James becomes King James, the First.

674 YK orc raiding increases along the northern boarder. King James asks his aunt to lead a force north to hunt down the raiders.

675 YK Lady Emma leads her force at the Battle of hundred and fifty heads, ambushed and out number four to one, Lady Emma leads her forces with such increadible martial skill that the odds don’t seem to matter. she kills at least 150 orcs. The orcs name her diler smerti [Death Dealer], her forces kill all but a handful of the orc forces at the battle, the rest retreat. by the fall the orcs in general have fallen back. lady Emma is named general in chief of the Royal army.

685 YK James the First dies, Prince James becomes James the Second.

*699 YK James the Second dies, Prince David be comes James the Third

734 YK James the Third dies, his First born Daughter Beth becomes Queen Katherine the Second as his named heir.

753 YK The Maiden Queen, Katherine the Second dies without marrage, her youngest brother’s eldest son becomes King David the Sixth

787 YK With the death of King David the Sixth, his son becomes King Reginald the Second. Later that year he marries Stelia of Limthoth.

789 YK The Kingdom of Fili restarts trade with the Kingdom after Centuries of cold silence. Dwarven good become more common.

792 YK An Orcish horde attacks from the North, causing wide spread chaos as the Militaries of the Kingdom scramble to form up. Fourth Orc War begins.

794 YK The Royal Army manages to halt the Orcish advance but the cost especially in horse flesh is immense. Without Calvary, the Kingdom finds they can’t make advances. The kingdom’s forces fortify. 2/5 of the Kingdom lays in Orc hands.

799 YK The Orcs defeat the Kingdom armies at the Battle of the Cloven Skulls The orcs now siege several castles .

801 YK Hired mercenaries from the Kingdom of Fili, and the Disputed Lands mange to break several sieges, in the Early spring. The orcs fall back to their fortified positions in time for winter.

809 YK After years of Orcish presure, the Kigdom manage to strike a blow taking Krepost Krovkamen, taking a key fort in Orc line.

810 YK The Kingdom’s force manage several victories over the orcs, releasing some land from their hold.

814 YK The kingdom win the Battle of Raven Rock, 75000 orcs die in that battle, however, King Reginald the Second, dies in a battle with an Orc Chieftain. His son Edward becomes King Edward the Second.

878 YK Edward the Second dies, his grandson Edward becomes Edward the Third.

902 YK Prince Robert the Fourth leads a rebellion against Edward the Third.

904 YK The Robert Rebellion is put down, Edward the Third is adled of mind it said because of war wounds, his son James becomes Regent.

911 YK Edward the Third Dies and Prince James becomes James the Fourth.

945 YK James the Fourth dies, and Prince Edmund becomes Edmund the First.

981 YK After the sudden death of King Edmund, the throne passed to his niece Victoria who was a Royal Ward as the daughter of Edmund’s sister. She became Queen Victoria at the age of 18. unsure of herself she appoints Sir Reginald of House Edwraith, Lord Chamberlain. The Crown house name for the first time switched to Rathen from Marthis.

984 YK A rebellion against the crown based on taxes begins, the crown end up playing cat and mouse with the rebels for a couple years before crushing them at the battle of Chester Falls early spring of 986 YK.

985 YK Baron Drake of Archdale, the Queen’s betrothed, is kill in a tragic hunting accident. much of the rest of the year is spend with rumours about the Queen being curse because she insulted a fay noble in her youth.

986 YK Rumours in court suggest that Queen Victoria planning to marry her Lord Chamberlain, The Queen denies this but the rumour don’t really go away.

988 YK the Duchy of Sussex and all the involved nobles begin the Duchy Rebellion by declaring independence from the Kingdom of Marthis. She is advised by her Lord Chamberlain to negotiate because otherwise she looks like a tyrant. The Queen disagrees and sends in the Royal Army. The Peasants surprisingly go into revolt against the Duke and his nobles as a result of the Royal Army being sent. By the end of the year the revolt is crushed and the many misdeeds of the nobles are laid bare to the kingdom, Queen Victoria has them all executed.

991 YK Lord Ravon of House Ether was murdered, he was newly engaged to the Queen, the murder isn’t caught and the motive seems to be missing. Rumour of the Queen being under a fay curse reemerges and because much talked about though all levels of society.

994 YK A set of letters arrives in the queen’s bed room one evening, implicating her Lord Chamberlain in the Murder of Lord Ravon. The queen keeps it quite but somehow her Lord Chamberlain find out and attempts a coup in the Royal Palace. The queen is saved from the Chamberlain’s forces by Square Podrick and escapes the Palace. Sir Reginald declares himself king claiming that Queen Victoria is dead. Rallying forces in the capital, Queen Victoria leads her force through the secret escape route into the palace, launching a counter attack. Sir Reginald is arrested among with all the other members of the Small Council and the Privy Council. Sir Reginald and Baron Wheatly of Suth’s Field are convicted of Treason and Staked, the first time in 285 years that a Noble is executed by stake. Several other nobles are found to be league and are stripped of their rank and titles. There is a massive reshuffling of noble titles as result of these convictions. Podrick is knighted into the Order of the Black Dragon and marries the Queen shortly after.

995 YK There is a resistance by the nobles of the Queen’s desire to reward several dozen peasants with knighthood in the traditional orders. Frustrated the Queen seeks a solution.

996 YK New Year’s day Queen Victoria announced the creation of The Graceful Order of the Silver Unicorn, which will be order awards solely at the discretion of the Sovereign. In the next few months many peasants that helped during the Coup and in the Duchy rebellion are knighted. It is further revealed that nearly everything in the last few years against the queen had been orchestrated by Sir Reginald, who had developed an obsession over the Queen a couple years before she became Queen.

999 YK Queen Victoria gives birth to twins Henry and David.

1004 YK Henry is made the Heir to the kingdom even though he was born second.

1008 YK Queen Victoria dies giving burth to her daughter, who is named Victoria. Count Patrick of Avon served as Regent until Henry was of age.

1017 YK Henry was Crowned King two weeks after his 18th birthday.

1023 YK Henry the First dies after going missing for a week, cause of death unsure only his head and left armer we found, they been gnawed at, His son, James is 2 years old, his brother David serves as Regent.

1039 YK Three weeks after his 18th Birthday, Prince James becomes Henry the Second

1142 YK Henry the Second, the century King dies passin on his throne to his Great Great grandson Edward, who becomes Edward the Fourth.

1166 YK Edward the Fourth dies, his son John becomes Reginald the Third.

1176 YK A lax patrol of the northern border allows for a large force of Orcs to move in close to the border to raid the kingdom. One of the Orcs, Drak Stormkiller, is extremely successful, quickly uniting the raiding tribes.

1177 YK Before the snows melt, Drak Stormkiller manage to create a Horde that hasn’t been seen in centuries uniting nearly all the orcs in the Horde lands to his cause. He launches an attack on the kingdom; such an attack catches nearly everyone off guard. The Duchy of Arwen is hardest hit, much of the countryside is hit hard, and The Duke’s Castle remains under siege for three years as a result. The Fifth Orc War begins.

1180 YK The siege of The Castle of Arwen is broken by the young General Sir Nigel Naith’s tactical cutting off of the Orcs supply lines and strategy at the Battle of Castle Arwen. It is the first major defeat of the Orcs in the War.

1181 YK A major push from the Kingdom manages to free most kingdom land from Orc occupation but they remain a forces and continue to raid the Kingdom.

1184 YK The Orc horde again assaults the kingdom, thousands die on both sides, Drak Stormkiller, shoes great intellagents as he keeps the horde together and make small gains in terratory.

1185 YK This year the humans manage to start pushing the orcs back out of their lands and further in the horde lands. Drak Stormkiller’s abilities to keep the horde together borders on the supernatural. The battle at the end of the summer called the Battle of Blood Plains, where five legions of 23000 men and two dozen regiments of 7100 horse, both of the Royal Army support by 10000 levy men, 3000 noble guard men, and 2450 horse of noble cavalry took on 200000 orcs and goblin in a pitched battle that lasted 14 hours broke the horde’s resolve. General Sir Nigel Naith was greeted with the victory and the effectiveness of the cleanup operation of the fall. The war has costed the citizens of the kingdom over 78000 lives with an additional 26000 lives of mercenaries and adventurers that fought from other nations.

1186 YK The Royal duchy of Ravensreach is created with it associated Counties, Mark, and Baronies at the same time. Also created in that year, is the Duchy Draven and its Marks, County and Baronies to form the northern border of the kingdom along the Border and Raven’s Feast Rivers. General Sir Nigel Naith is made a baron and recognized as the King’s Bastard, his house name reflects this. Many are surprised at this naming a Royal Bastard.

1189 YK The Current Year

Timeline of The Kingdom of Marthis

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