Trinton is a small farming village within a wooden Palisade, the gates are rarely manned during the day but are manned at night by two Militia Volunteers. Most of these farms are Ex-legionnaires, so often far more skilled then one would expect. There is a blacksmith, who also a Farrier, a Tanner just outside the southern gate of the Palisade, and a Inn/tavern call the Blessed Pig. Nearly all the Villagers stay within the Palisade at night and march out to their fields during the day. Most of the homes here have small vegetables gardens around there front yards. The Inn lays at the Centre of town, next to the town hall. The blacksmith is closest to the north gate.

The Blessed Pig – Inn/Tavern $$

The Blessed Pig is owned by Edmund Ravenhair, a retired adventure and Priest of Eldia, Goddess of War and Strategy. The main floor has a small lobby with the stairs up to the rooms above, this has a desk, where one of the serving maids can sit down for hour or so on shift, each taking a turn or two depending on the needs. The rest of the floor is devoted to the Tap room and then Jakes at the south end of the floor. The fare is limited but otherwise good, and there is a limited selection of Wines from the Kingdom and fair local Ale, or Stout. The second floor has 18 two double bed, rooms, each with a writing desk and chair. A small set of rooms at the north end by the stairs is for the Inn keeper and his family. at the south end of the floor sits the jakes. In the yard of the Inn there is a brick building the house the Kitchen and the Food storage. A flagstone covered path leas from the Kitchen to the Inn. There is also a stable with a couple of grooms to look after the horses. Like most Inn in the Barony it kept in business by adventurers exploring the horde lands, or extracting some payback from the Horde Lands. The Twelve swords Adventurer band can be found here when they are not in the horde lands or off loading treasure in cities of the Kingdom. They use to count Edmund as a member, hence when he retired and build an Inn they made it their place to stay.

Staven’s Blacksmith and Farrier $$ [$$$$]

Her you can find Staven and his eldest son working on serviceable and sturdy Iron items for sale at standard prices. Staven is also a Farrier and currently is trying to teach his some this trade. He has a number of standard good on hand they are not lovely to look at but are functional and many a farmer here is glad for that. he occasionally has few daggers or spears on hand but they are either second hand or bought from somewhere else. he doesn’t make anything more weapon like than a wood axe or a hatchet. Staven was once an adventure and will sometimes buy odds and end that might be sell-able to a Farmer from adventurers, so his shop can be worth a stop. Often these items have a more steep price for them as he like to give a fair deal to adventurers.


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