Williamton is the furthest south Village in the Barony and is on the King’s Road, the farm land is very rich here. It serves as the gateway to the rest of the Kingdom.

The Cart and Coin Ransor’’s Open Road $$$$

These two shops are places that swap or sell horses and draft animals, sell feed and gear, and hire out caravan guards. There’s a brisk under-the table trade among those on the job
assignment roster in caravan guard certification tickets. These tickets establish a potential guard’s order in the waiting list for assignments, and designate that a hiresword has undergone a certification interview for trustworthiness. These chits are not infrequently stolen, sold, bartered, or given to others, so they do not necessarily fulfill their original intended purpose.

Wainwright’’s Wagons

Skulner Wainwright’s shop is located just east of the central market, on the south side of Evermoor Way. It has its own stockade, its own storage sheds for lumber, and its own horse-driven sawmill. The apprentices make a good amount of money running odd bits of wood through the saw.

Dannath’’s Pickles, Nuts, & Foods

specializing in foods that are practical for travelers in the North, yet are in scarce supply. Typical items in his store are dried apricots, figs, and dates. Prices are high, but the food is good. Anything in danger of spoiling is detected by the expert proprietor. Such goods are then converted into some other form. For example, overripe fruits might be added to a wine or syrup mash. Dannath himself is a short, bristlebearded, red-haired man who sees with the aid of two thick monocles. He keeps the shop with the aid of his three strong, quiet daughters.

The Happy Halfling $$$$

The Halfling is a cozy, informal place with lots of rugs and squishy armchairs and cushions and warming fires in mini-chimneys. It’s highly recommended as a place to get some
sleep, or just to relax.


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