Welcome to the Western Heartlands.

The Western Heartlands are dominated the Orc Horde Lands, Kingdoms of Marthis and Rath. Other Duchies, Counties and City States fill out the civilized areas. The area as a whole is still recovering from the Fifth Orc War that ended 7 years ago. The Kingdom of Marthis carved several new areas out of the horde lands after the last war, though a huge area north remains in Orcish hands.

The horde lands were once, in times long ago, the province Attira, in the Panormus Empire, controlled by the mages and wizards of the time. While ruins are far between; after 15,000 years, they still can be found, and the magic within is often of great strength, greater than even current magic.

The Horde remains leaderless, but Orc raiders still raid the Edges of the Western Heartlands, Further; Darix, the Red Death, remains at large. This very Large Red Dragon harries both the Barony and the Horde lands for food, treasure, and playthings. Goblins remain a problem as well as they are better able to hide within the civilized lands. Adventure lays in many area across the region