Anness, God of Murder


Anness, God of Murder, Parton of Assassins

Chaotic Evil
PORTFOLIO: Murder, Assassins
Creed: Anness is the quiet assassin, the younger brother of Anaroth, son of Solus and twin brother of Haddin. He symbolizes the cold blooded murderers of the world. Motivation isn’t real a major part of his portfolio as much as the careful planning and act of killing someone normally by surprise. Clerics are rarely open about their worship, often poising as rogues or assassins and moving in such circles. Assassins often give thanks to Anness after a successful kill, others make every kill in his name.

Anness’ clerics domains are Death and Trickery

Anness, God of Murder

Maiths Trin: The expansion of civilization. Daimyo_Shi