Anness, God of Murder


Anness, God of Murder, Parton of Assassins

Chaotic Evil
PORTFOLIO: Murder, Assassins
Creed: Anness is the quiet assassin, the younger brother of Anaroth, son of Solus and twin brother of Haddin. He symbolizes the cold blooded murderers of the world. Motivation isn’t real a major part of his portfolio as much as the careful planning and act of killing someone normally by surprise. Clerics are rarely open about their worship, often poising as rogues or assassins and moving in such circles. In the rare cases that Clerics perform rituals in a temple-like setting, the done black and dark blue robes with a hood that shadows the face, head priest or at least the head of the ritual being reform often when a helm with a iron crown, normally blackened that shrouds the face. In areas with long established church groups the helm may have a onyx mask attached, such masks are usually blessed by Anness and have powers because of that.

Assassins often give thanks to Anness after a successful kill, others make every kill in his name. Serial killers and spree killers often do so in Anness name but rarely if ever is this reconized by Anness, reasons for this are unknown, but some scholars speculate that since such people are often mad, they lay in the domain of Inseden and can’t be reconized by Anness. Some further reason that it create a debt between Anness and Inseden, and even gods know better to make deals with a mad man.

Anness’ clerics domains are Death and Trickery

Anness, God of Murder

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