Clanggin, God of Storms, Lightning and Thunder


Clanggin, God of Storms, Lightning and Thunder.

Lord Rain, Master of Thunder, Lord of Lightning

PORTFOLIO: Storms, Rain, Lightning and Thunder.
Creed: Believed to be a brother to Solus, his elemental nature causes him to be fairly neutral to mortals, though they often pray to him for rain during dry spells. Those near the sea often pray to him for protection from storms. His temples are uncommon, however they are well supplied as they give prayers on behalf of many including sailors and farmers. Further Nobles tend to even give when things are not well. His clerics tend towards have long unkempt hair and beards on men and unkempt hair on women. They wear simple clothing with little adornment often blue or grey in colour with white or light blue trim. His holy symbol is a fist holding a lighting bolt. Copper jewelery is popular, particularly bracers or bangles. as such priest often have green marks from these on their arms. Head priest can be recognized by their copper circlet with green verdigris, often with jewels, either moonstones and Lapis lazuli. Should they not be wearing them. its the green marks from wear it normally rest will identify them as well. Copper is a common metal in Clanggin’s temples.

Clanggin’s clerical domain is Tempest.


Clanggin, God of Storms, Lightning and Thunder

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