Other lands within Venarth

The Empires, Kingdoms, Duchies, Clan lands, Tribal lands, and other areas of Venarth

Arinth Desert

This sandy desert is the largest in the known world. Some wonder if it too is the earlier wrath of the gods given its size. It has wandering tribes of several races managing a living through the deserts and its oasis. The occasional ruin can be seen though the shifting sands make it hard to see the same ruin twice. Rumors speak of a kingdom of snake men at the heart of the desert.

The Border Princes

A number of Principalities that lay south of Kingdom of Marthis and the north of Kingdom of Rath, they is a much more stable than the Disputed lands a number of these Principalities specializes in a certain export or race. The political maps of the area are rough at the best of times since it highly depends on the cartographer’s native area. Many of the Principalities claim areas bigger than they patrol, strangely this rarely seem to spark any conflict between the Principalities. Trade is very much links between this area the two kingdoms that sandwich them.

County Shire AKA The Shire

The County of Shire, which is almost never referred to as such is an area of rich well taken care of farm lands and rolling hills not that far away from the World Spine mountains. It is a land filled with halflings and handfuls of other races. They are ruled over by Count Harold “the Halffoot” related to an injury during his adventuring days. Shireling is a last name of those non-noble relations to the Count’s family, they often of people of wealth. There are 14 Barons in the county but they act more like appointed mayors than how Baron’s act in other realms. A surprising amount of former Halfling adventures retire to the Shire something that keeps the banditry in the area down.

Duchy of Bandle

Tucked in a valley in the World Spine this collection of villages was recently release from the hold of an Adult Black Dragon named Jendal. The slayers of that dragon were a group of adventurers, in fact a band of five tiefling adventurers in fact. The Villages are open for trade for the first time in 150 years. Lead is a current export. The duchy is also trying to find other things it can trade.

Grand Duchy of Salom

This Grand Duchy is little more than a city state with a couple of village north and south on the Trade Road that runs between the Kingdom of Marthis and Kingdom of Rath. 500 years ago, the City-state of Salom was run by a council of merchants, many who were Zantech worshipers, the Cult was strongly woven into the upper ranks of society in the city state while murder and rape were a common problem in the city. A group of noble adventurers came across this cult by accident during a stop over and became bitter foes of the cult. They lost a few members to the cult but this only made them more determined to defeat it and free Salom from its evil clutches. The adventurers eventually overthrew and purged the cult from the city. The population asked them to form the new government and the Grand duke and his council of Counts was formed. Nearly all of the nobility in the Grand Duchy is descended from those adventurers, well accept Count Louis Du Pris, whos is the only living member. The Wizen old elf, still remembers those times, though otherwise is absentminded.

Principality of Hartholm

This Principality is rules by a Human prince named Leopold the XIX, he rules over a land that specializes in linen and Brass as exports. His Principality is unusual in the fact it has a hand full of Dragon born that are nobles of varying degrees. In deed most of his nobles are Dragonborn though and odd set of circumstances. The brass works are nestled in the base of the World Spine mountains.

Principality of Ravenwood

This principality has its capital, Raven Hill on the coast of the Bay of Waves. They are fisherman, whalers and ship merchants. Major Traders with Dalin’s kingdom and also bring wares from places as far off as the Folksins Kingdoms. As such many exotic spices and other items flow through the principality into the eastern realms.

Dalin’s Kingdom

The Dwarven kingdom is on the southern point of Venarth, to the southeast of Kordath’s Swamplands. Largely isolated, its only port Leer, serves as nearly all its trade needs. Their isolation makes them rather introverted, many dwarves simple doing the tasks or craft required of them. They can seem especially surly when dealing with non-dwarves Their mines and cities seem to have no connection to the rest of the Underdark as well, making them especially isolated. The only outside government that they have good relations with is Principality of Ravenwood, who have managed to bridge the gap. Other nations do stop and trade but few have managed the trade relations that Ravenwood has with Dalin’s kingdom.

Disputed Lands

A land of a number of petty kingdoms, principalities and duchies, with many claims and cross claims on each other’s lands to a complicated history of war and civil strife. The area is stable for the moment but any old grudge may flair it back into war. Many mercenary companies come from this area originally.

Flynn Clan lands

This lands are inhabited by the Flynn mostly, each clan controls a number of settlements and a town serving as the capital. The Clan wars have kept trade at low levels. Wool and Mutton are the major exports but the clans tend to be fairly self-sufficient. The major clans control lands through a Feudal system of owed oaths and the like. Each major clan controls as area of the clan lands

  • Clan MacLeod
  • Clan Blackwatch
  • Clan MacDonald
  • Clan MacTosh
  • Clan Stewart
  • Clan Bruce
  • Clan Cunningham
  • Clan Douglas
  • Clan Malcolm
  • Clan Wallace
  • Clan Steele

Folksins Kingdoms

These kingdoms are controlled by the Folksins people, they lay at the northeast corner of Venarth. There has been about 40 years of peace between them but they still raid down the cost and fight with the Hobgoblin Confederacy

Kingdom of Alvhiem

Ruled by Queen Brynja, this most northern of the of the Folksins people, it is well off, do to its many mines largely of Iron, Copper, and Silver. Work hard and play harder is the motto of this kingdom unofficially. The rough and tumble nature of these Folksins can even surprise their own kind.

Eveni Forest

This forest is inhabited by man wood elf tribes many bent of keeping outsiders out. It bordered on the west by the spine of the world, North by the Crown of the world, the East by the Folksins Kingdoms and the Hobgoblin Confederacy and in the south the Wayward Plains. Nearly all outsiders are greeted the same way, a warning arrow and then the arrow death of one of the party if that isn’t heeded. Only other Wood or High elves get a more reasonable response.

Fili’s Kingdom

This is the Largest Dwarven kingdom in the spine of the world. It is also the oldest known Dwarven kingdom, with a history that date back to the Panormus Empire. This number of dwarven cities are linked by the deep roads that travel through the Underdark between the cities. These roads are not without peril but much safer than most of the Underdark. These 20 cities are spread the length of the World Spine Mountains, most have trace back their linage nearly 10,000 years.

Hobgoblin Confederacy

On the northeastern side of the spine a large plains area is mostly wilderness with tribes of Hobgoblins, Bugbears and Goblins. orcs are scattered among the area as well but are not common. Much like the Orc Horde lands occasionally a charismatic leader will assemble a horde and attack civilized lands. At other times they live on the land an occasionally raid each other. It rarely is open warfare though. In the centre of the land is Tradetown that serves as neutral space. Occasionally it is the host meetings for many tribes dealing with bigger issues like Dragons and the like. This cooperation has led to it being called the Confederacy of tagged in Human scholarly circles as Hobgoblin Confederacy because hobgoblins are the majority.

Isles of Wright

These isles have a smattering of settlement from Folksins on the western shores but are heavily forested on the east side, were Green Dragons make lairs. Balisita towers are very common in the settlements because of this. Careful forestry and wool are the major industries of the Isles.

Kordatth’s Swamp

This mixture of tropical swamps with moors in the more temprate areas, is the home ot lizardmen and other savage non human peoples. it is vast and dangerous area that once was the heart of the Panormus Empire before it was smited by the gods for crimes unknown.

Kingdom of Aleirvale

This Elven kingdom is the Largest elven kingdom in the world, set in the heart of the great Wood Forest, the civialized communities sit on the eastern of the Forest populated by high elves, the the Kigdom Capital Pariselle, at the Northern edge is the trade city Norman. The Western part of the forest has scattered tribes of Wood elves and various Sylvin peoples, weither those people even reconize the kingdoms soverity over them is questionalbe. Nonelves and Non Sylvin people often find the western part of the forest lethal.

Kingdom of Balandir

Place holder

Kingdom of Draven


Kingdom of Elidath

This high elven kingdom is a mix of a forests and plains with largest number of high elves in Venarth.

Kingdom of Gaulis

Place holder

Kingdom of Marthis

The most cosmopolitan kingdom, with three founding people in Dwarves, Elves and Humans. A trade hub of the Western lands.

Kingdom of Naren

This kingdom occupies a valley that is part of the main overland pass route in the spine of the world. While sorrounded by the mountians of Fili’s kingdom, the Dwarven kingdom hasn’t enforced it will on the valley kingdom that is 450 years old. Founded by Naren, a warrior turned king when he settled in the valley. While the town of Farlin had been a way stop for many years it was a barely sustainable town. Naren used his adventureing days loot to pay for a number of upgrades in the town and to see to the expantion of farming in the valley. it is known for it population of Goliaths, Humans and Dwarves.

Kingdom of Rath



Placeholder – ruled by a High Lord – Coastal City State

Orc Horde Lands

This huge area of in the northwestern part of Venarth is a sparsely populated steppe area that becomes plances the further west you go. Legends say deep in it heart is a Orcish kingdom. Many orcs have a wondering tribal existence with in the area, but every few generations a great leader will unite a horde and attack one of the civilized areas pillaging along the way.

Principality of Valinton

This City-state sits in it own bay that faces the Great Southern, it a major trade port and serves a trade stop for those from the east going to the Taliner Sea

Talin’s Kingdom

This dwarven realm inhabits mountain range to the north west of the Taliner Sea, it consists of a number of dwarven hold, each fortified as the Underdark between the holds the only surface settlement of any size is Hanover, which also serves as the Kingdom’s only port and major external trade city.


This area of Caverns and the like is said to weave its way across most of the continent. It is filled with dangerous creatures of all sorts adapted to the darkness of this underground realm. The most notable communities are the Drow and the Dwarves, though the dwarves often have surface cities as well for trade. Drow areas tend to be under plains and forests and Dwarves tend to the mountains. Communities of mindflayers and other evil beings also can be found but are much smaller. Drow communities tend to be city state-like given the quest for dormancy and long distance between cities.

Other lands within Venarth

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