Rachete, Drow Goddess of Redemption and Rebirth


Rachete, Drow Goddess of Redemption and Rebirth.

Matron of Redemption, Mistress of the Night Sky

Chaotic Good
PORTFOLIO: Redemption, Rebirth, Change, and The Open Night’s Sky
Creed: Rachete is the sister to Dupuis, her twin brother and daughter of Alith and unnamed god. As her mother rebeled, so does she rebel. Seeing the potental for good and perhaps even a reconnection with rest of the elven people, Rachete encourages goodness and fairness. She represents redemption of the self and the rebirth in a spirital way of understanding. She serves as the main goddess for Drow who in a group have returned to the surface. Such groups form small villages in out of the way locations. Her clerics often lead such villages, they encourge thought and freedom of all drow.

Her clerics favour White, and pink clothes, with pink capes and cloaks being very popular. Clerics that live in the underdark have much more reserved clothing, often grey with white trim. silver with diamonds jewelery is popular with all of the faithful. Nearly of of her clerics are adventurers at one point or another.

Rachete’s clerical domains are life and protection.

Rachete, Drow Goddess of Redemption and Rebirth

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