Reginelle, Drow Goddess of Theives and Greed


Reginelle, Drow Goddess of Thieves and Greed.

Duchess of Coin, Faceless Mistress of Thieves, Countess of Merchants

Neutral Evil
PORTFOLIO: Thieves, Merchants, and Greed
Creed: Reginelle is the daughter of Alith and Charamain, meerly a child when the Exile happen she when with her mother. her cunning quickly established herself as someone who could get things done. A trickster of the highest level of abily. She also the Patron of Merchants. her Clerics often favor, one side or the other but all love coin.

Her clerics favour red dyed leather, with black cloaks or capes, they often have a mask covering their lower face, when they are about and want to show their faith. her clerics often act as fences and neutral parties for thieves in need of such services.

Her clerical domain is Trickery.

Reginelle, Drow Goddess of Theives and Greed

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