The Kingdom of Marthis and Race

The Kingdom of Marthis, might be the most multi-racial kingdom on Venarth. Nearly any race intelligent can become a citizen and hold noble title. Well that is in theory as Common law of the realm doesn’t ban such things, and since noble title comes from the crown, and they can award title to who ever they like it is possible the reality is that the only a few nobles have been of races other than Human, Elven, or Dwarven, which were the original found people of the Kingdom.

Half Orcs

Half Orcs are very common in the Kingdom, they are generally not well liked, and face a lot of hate in the south of the Kingdom. Strangely they are often pitied in the north as it recognized more often than not they are the product of rape. Their monster side is simply not their fault. That said many half-orcs are still killed at birth by their mothers or their mother’s family to avoid the shame. many Half-Orc channel this mix of hate and pity in to a rage against Orcs. Some the biggest heroes of the Fifth Orc War were half-orcs. Very rarely they come from a love match, these match generally troubling to many and consider a form of insanity. These matches are most common among adventurers lending lack of sanity to them because of that.


Orcs are a hated races and in many places are kill on site, that said they can become citizens and there are several households orcs among the Kingdom. They tend to the worse jobs or the military. Nearly a 150 call Maiths Trin home in three large groups. the Largest live in the Barony’s Capital. Most of these are family group on hard time in the Horde lands and heard the word of some Adventure Priest. A few are adopted or fostered as babies or children and raised among humans. Very few of them are bitter about the racism thrown at them. They generally understand what their Cousins do is evil and harms many in the Kingdoms.


Goblins are vermin in most eyes killed on site within the Kingdom, they smaller size and group adaptability means that the Kingdom has several pockets of them. The Bigger cities even have population hiding in the sewers or the worse part of the slums. A handful live as mascots or pets of military groups or adventures. There never been a case of a goblin being killed being classified as a murder. Adventures however can take offence and generally work outside of the justice system.


The Presence of a Thiefling is usually a bad omen to many. they are the result of temptations of the worse sort. They are hated and generally seen as sin made flesh. however, the current count of Solaris is a thiefling, the adopted bastard child of the former count. Most become adventurers, as it one of the few places they are accepted. The Barony of Maiths Trin has the largest population of Thieflings, granted that means there about 35 of them. They are pretty rare in the kingdom, generally hounded as sinner by most religious people.


Known for there clockwork and whitesmithing, there are a very few with in the Kingdom, mostly in the cities. there might be 300 in the entire kingdom. Generally they are viewed with indifference, few caring one way or the other.


These largely farmers can be found in the south of the kingdom. they mostly farmers and brewers. Much of the Quality ale and stout comes from the Halflings of the Kingdom. While the Dwarves claim to make better the Elves and Humans of the Kingdom generally prefer the Halflings wares.


Since the Kingdom was found by joining three petty Duchies together, one of humans, one of elves and one of dwarves, half-elves are not uncommon, They are generally don’t have quite the challenge of other half-elves as their parents often are a family unit and they are raised with access to both cultures. It is still difficult but they are normally not lonely as half-elves from other parts of the realms.


Dragonborn are very rare in the kingdom and greeted with a catution reserve. While two baronies have Dragonborn rulers, there are but a handful in the kingdom in total.

The Kingdom of Marthis and Race

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