Town of Maiths Trin

The town near the barony’s keep is encircled with a Palisade. Most of the manufacturing commerce for the barony happens within this town. Two cordwainer, four cobblers, eight coopers, eight Farrier, Seven blacksmiths, two armoursmiths, three weaponsmiths, twelve weavers, six tailors, Eight carpenters, six cabinet makers, two bedmakers, ten drovers, and a dozen other trades. The town has many prospectors, adventuring bands, and miners. Unlike the Villages which are much better gender balance, the town is about 70% men, many of the craftsmen are lacking wives. A single woman of average looks will have a number of suitors within days of arriving.

The Baron’s Sword $$

This Tavern is run by Darven Stoutbeard, and Ex-soldier an several other ex-soldiers on behalf of the Baron. Royal Army and ex-Royal army enjoy a standard discount within the Tavern. It is a one floor building with Kitchens in the back and a small living quarters to the side of the Kitchen for Draven, who live here. The taproom has the bar one side, and assorted tables and chairs through the tap room. A fire place is against the wall towards the street with Doors half way down on each side. The Kitchen has access to a cellar via a crank lift and stairs as well is a ladder to the Loft. It is clean and safe, the adventurers tend to use the other taverns and Inns. So those who don’t like adventurers come here to drink and eat. Local ale is 3 cp a tankard, cheap wine is 5 cp a tall glass, Good wine is a 1 sp per tall glass, peppermint Tea is 1 cp, Vegetable stew is 3 cp, meat stew is 6 cp, bread with Butter is 2 cp, Dinner roll is 1 cp, side of pickles is 2 cp, roast beef is 2 sp, Roast pork is 15 cp, Chicken pot pie [5 inch] is 5 cp, fruit or preserve pie is 4 cp.

Cloven skull $$

This tavern is ruined by Aric Stoutbottom, a ex-soldier and adventurer. The Skulll as it often known within the town, as an average tavern with the skull of a large Orc chieftain that was slain by a battle axe blow from the Aric. His daughters and nieces are the serving maids within the tavern and kitchen staff is run by his wife and sons.. Regulars including a number of adventurers so trouble is a minimal here. Wine is 6 cp a tall glass, local ale is 3 cp a tankard, peppermint tea is 1 cp, raven style whiskey 2 sp, green salad, 2 cp, pork pot pie 6 cp, pulled pork 4 cp, Ham hock soup 2 cp, pork rib platter with corn bread 8 cp, pease porridge 1 cp, 3 cp with salted pork chunks.

The Dragon’s Rest $$$$

The Resting black dragon on the sign board of this in marks the best inn in the Barony, perhaps even the duchy. Built of stone, and three stories high, the inn has 3 suites, and 30 two bed rooms. The Third floor has the inn keepers rooms and 18 of the rooms. Chamber pots and wash water is on hand, The second floor has a bath room, which is included in your room fee. The tap room is filled with clean and matching chairs and tables, a fine Oak bar and a large fire place at one end. The menu varies but is normally starts at 8 sp and goes up from there , it is set for finer tastes and young nobles on adventuring parties or wealthy merchants here to trade make up the clientele of this in. Successful adventurers are it other clientele, often taking up several rooms depending on the group. The Double rooms are 2 gp per bed [thus an entire room is 4 gp] The Suites are 10 gp a night and have two bedrooms, a bath tub room, and a lounge room with chairs and a tea table and a writing desk. 12 gp, per day if you want a dedicated servant for your stay.

the Last Stop $$

The Last Stop sits near the north gate, and is large utilitarian inn. Its steady clientele consist of labours and miners who can’t afford their own home or better temporary lodgings. Part inn and part rooming house. It keeps the better rooms for the inn and leaves the smaller rooms for the rooming house. The inn rooms are 8 sp and consist of a bed with a straw mattress, a table and chair and a candle lamp and a few spare candlesticks. The rooming rooms are slightly smaller and are 8 gp a month but the rents have to supply the candlesticks themselves. There is no food provided and only long term guests are allowed to use the fire in their lounge to cook at for 2 cp a use. The bottom floor consists of a lobby with the stairs up flanked on either side by the lounge for the Inn guests to the left as you enter and the long term guests on the right. The seconds and third floor are inn floors with 18 rooms each and a locked storage room. The forth and fifth floor are 22 room each. All the upper floors are linked by a back stair that leads to the jakes and a door that goes to the back ally.

Old Kettle Brewery $$

The Old Kettle Brewery is new brewery with in the town, only a couple years old, it refers to a old Dwarven brew kettle brought here a couple years ago with the dowry belonging of the brewer’s new bride. Boffen Ironshanks, is a ex-soldier from the Fifth Orc War that decided at his discharge to found a brewery. Agreeing to marry the woman that his parents arranged he brought her here and started this brewery. They make an ale, a stout and a Dwarven spirit called Skull splitter or will when the first batch is mature enough to drink in 10 more years. A barrel of Ale is 7 sp, a barrel of Stout is 1 gp and the Skullsplitter will go for 10 gp a barrel. The brewery deals in bulk only. The Stout is a favourite of the Baron and his men. Boffen as a results pays his taxes in Stout.

Fili’s Weapons And armour Emporium $$$

One of the largest weapons and armour shops in the kingdom, it’s steady run of weapons and armour for the Legion and Calvery regiments keeps this shop busy. It also runs a second hand armour and weapons shop. A dwarf and human are the armour smiths within, and Fili, a Dwarven Weapon smith and the two journeymen humans that trained under him as weapon smiths. Most normal weapons and armour can be found here. For moderate prices. Fili does sometimes takes commissions as does both armoursmiths at 175% normal shop cost.

Gordan’s Farrier and Stables $$

Gordan and his two sons are well trained Farriers and horse meanders. They look after house for those that haven’t arranged stabling with their inn or other accommodation. One can sometimes get mount here but normally one has to arrange through Gordan for one of his horse breeders to come to town with a couple horses for a person to look at this take a couple day at the quickest and six to eight days normally..

Artorios’s Blacksmithing $

Artorios and his eldest son provide the hundreds of Nails Hinges and other Ironmongery required to get the building in the area done. His work is solid and simple. Nothing fancy in this shop just simple what is required at good prices. Most Iron goods can be found here thought they are simple in design.

Elwood the Farrier, No really! $$

Elwood is a unusual character as he is a Hafling Farrier, using stools and ladders, he does the job as well as anyone, though it can be a little comical to watch. He quality is equal to any in town.however, he lacks the space for any long term care. For that he directs people to his friendly rival Gordan.

Maithis Trinthe’s Fine Furniture $$$

the Cabinetmakers, bedmakers and a few of the Carpenters have founds the Furniture making Guild within the Barony. They all do commission work and also have pieces set up to be sold in this warehouse that they have built to work in. Various cabinets, and other furnture is here to be sold. A cart will cost 45 gp and a Wagon will cost 75 gp, they are locally made and fairly sturdy but they would have to be made to order. A bed will cost 10 gp for a plain one [Bedstock, straw to sleep on.] 50 gp for a better class of bed [Bedstock, straw mattress and a feather mattress, hanging poles]. A Writing desk with no drawers or other bit of Cabintry will be 5 gp, A simple Wardrobe will be 10 gp, a large book shelf 6 feet tall will be about the same. It is passable work but would not pass for fine in a more well serviced area. Still it quite sturdy as least. They are Chartered through the Baron.

Sandford and Son Bootry $$$$

Sandford is a guild bonded master from the Capital that has moved to the barony for political reasons. Here he can relax and just make his boots. His son is a journeyman and makes the shelf stock, allowing his father to make the custom boot at between 150% and 300% of the normal cost of boots or shoes.

Quinten’s Finery and Cloaks $$$$$

Retired soldier of many years, Quinten has a cold and detached way of dealing with his clients. He says it is to be more fair in his advice to clients, but many. Notice that it dissolves when he deals with Elves. Regardless he supplies fine clothes and cloaks worthy of being seen at the Royal court. Many of his clients are adventures and those involved in the Baron’s court. He also deals in dresses for weddings which is the only steady business he has. He spends his days watch and smoking his pipe outside his shop when not dealing with a client. As such his miss little and can be a great person to get information from if you can spare some elven wine.

Cloth and Dyers Guild Mill and Shop $$$

Linen and Wool cloth can be bough here in a number of colours and finish. These are whole bolts of cloth 60 inches wide and 40 yards long. The Sales person is usually one of the weavers on break. There is normally a board where offers of local women willing to make clothes as a kindness to the many men in the area that are single. Occationally there are also posting of those wanting to share a bolt of cloth.

Maiths Trin’s Tailors $$$$

The Six town tailors run this shop, making all kinds of Garments, specializing in cloaks and other outerware. They are priced much higher than most civilized lands [30 to 60% more than book]. They carry cotton which is rare this far north. They don’t carry Silk out of a agreement with Quinten. They also take commissions at 175% cost. Shelf stock is tailor to the person size free.

Rathen’s Dry Good and General Store $$$$

Rathen sells basically everything that isn’t made locally in some manner. He charges a quite a bit more for fairly average good, indeed people will find price to be 25% more than the average but his selection is wide and will take order with 20% for stuff to be brought in. There a good chance [75%] he have what you need as long as it is not weapons. he doesn’t stock weapons or magic of any sort. Most think he has some magical item that allows him to communicate with his buyers.

The Purple Veil $$$$

The Purple Veil is the.local fest hall where ladies offer a number of services and a fine meal can bought worthy of a noble’s table. Evening feast is the best meal one could have in the town. It changes day to day but is always affine five course meal. It. Cost 15 silver without drinks and 25 silver with drinks.. A house wine and house mead are available, each is a silver a tall glass. The Veil is in a four story manor style house run by a party of former adventurers, all of them female. Sarah Halfblood is a tiefling bard, who is the the house bard.. She plays a number of insterments. And has a beautiful but some what low voice for a female. Her tiefling heritage keeps many from propositioning her. Only the very drunk even try. Ellen Smith is the head bouncer with four other thick head lads. Ellen is half Orc of great strength, who isn’t unattractive when she is not scowling. She nearly is always scowling when on duty. Eva Rathen is house mistress and Mage of the group, she also one of only two of the adventuring in group that hires herself out, though her fees are much stiffer than her staff. She is 75 gold from high sun to high sun. Helga Ironarm is the handy woman fixing broken furniture and other such tasks in the building.. She also has a forge. In the back where she makes iron mongrely as need and indulges in weapon making. Helena Burfoot is a breathtaking beautiful halfling woman. Who is in charge of the kitchens, her husband Samus Burfoot, is a former noble chef, and is the main reason of the evening feast popularity. Dispites his name he is actually a human. Trixandeni “Trixie” is a Drow rogue of great beauty, dexterity and Stamana. She also sells her services and is quite popular even at 35 gold. Glaadin is a female tiefling who acts as the bartender. The rest of the staff consists of 12 human females, 6 human males, 4 female half-elves, 1 male half elf, 2 female elves, 2 female halflings as Escorts, they average about 15 gold, the men are cheaper than the women given the lopsideness of the town’s population. 3 female human barmaids and one Tiefling female Barmaid.

Temple of Eldia, Goddess of War and Strategy

This small temple is dedicated to Eldia, she is well liked by soldiers and the like that often come through area. It is lead byt the battle scarred High Battle Cleric Norm Fethred. He is aidded by a half dozen lesser clerics. He fought in the Fifth Orc War like many in the area.

Temple of Doth, Goddess of Death and the local graveyard.

This small temple of Doth, see the all funnerals in town, Erin Sloth is the cleric of the temple and her and her family do all required tasks. The graveyard currently doesn’t have many grave stones but does have a Memorial to those that were killed in the Fifth Orc War, which the Baron paid for.

Temple to Hentica, Goddess of Independence and Strength

This would be a shrine any where as the small stone buidling seats ten people with barely room to the alter and Statue. Linked is a small little house barely bigger than a hut, where the Cleric that build this temple lives. Ellena Talomkeeper is a six food tall mountain of a woman, with flaming red hair. She is as strong as any man, and came to Maith Trin because her goddess gave her a vision. She is stubborn in her beliefs, and is convince that she is here at the will of her goddess.

Blue Wyvern Mercenary Guild

Here can be found bounties post on a shelted board, often severl men of arms from the Guild will be found sitting her on stools drinking and smoking in wait for a contract. someone bring them a Hand Keg of ale could get a fair bit of lore of the area for such a donation.


Former Tax lean now home to new adventures in town.

Town of Maiths Trin

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