Trade calendar

The trade calendar is the current Standard calendar used through out most civilized realms. It is a solar calendar, and has twelve months consisting of four 8 day weeks . Every 8 year the fourth month gains a 33rd day. Merchants often only refer to months by number, if they trade internationally to save on confusion, most kingdoms have their own month names. The years starts on the first day of spring, marked by the vernal equinox , the fourth month starts on the estival solstice, the Seventh month starts on the autumnal equinox, and the tenth month starts on the hibernal solstice.

Years often counted by the local custom, the closest thing to a universal counter is the Elven retreat began 7452 years ago, shortened to 1 AR. Before this time is called before the Retreat and is shorten to 1BR, Note there is no year zero in this system. This is what international scholars use for such comparative time keeping since most Current human realms are younger than this.

Each day consists of 24 hours divided further into 60 minutes

Legend has it that the Trade calendar, much like the trade language is based on Panormus Empire that once spanned most of the southern lands of Venarth. Its Calendar was almost the same but some scholars believe that their year start in the summer.

Trade calendar

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