Travelet, Drow God of Craftsmanship and Smithing


Travelet, Drow God of Craftsmanship and Smithing.

Master of Metal, Lord of Stone

Lawful Neutral
PORTFOLIO: Smithing, Crafting, leather work, stone work
Creed: This youngest child of Alith and Charamain, he serves his mother out of duty, he was very young at the time of the revolt. Since then he become a Smith and Craftsman to the Drow Gods. he is a content and loyal to his mother, he doesn’t know his father. All he ever heard is the bad things from his mother. His Clerics are generally equally as content with their role. Both surface and underdark call upon his name. He has no interested in getting in between his mother and half-siblings disagreement, but is also not willing to forsake any drow.

His clerics are often dressed as smiths, with work clothes and leather apron. Smithing hammers of hang from belt loops, and Warhammers are a favourite of his clerics. Adamantine his holy metal and clerics value it highly when they can get their hands on it.

Travelet’s clerical domain is Forge.

Travelet, Drow God of Craftsmanship and Smithing

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