Allettante, Elven Goddess of Seduction and Temptation


Allettante, Elven Goddess of Seduction and Temptation

Mistress of Seduction

Neutral Evil
PORTFOLIO: seduction, temptation and corruption
Creed: Allettante, is the elven goddess of seduction, her plans are subtle and careful. She seeks to corrupt elves from there past of goodness and make them indifferent to the world at least. It is sometimes alleged by some elves that she is the true force behind the elven retreat. Her worshipers and Clerics lay hidden in most evil realms. However some dark elves worship her openly in the underdark. Strangely a smile group of Clerics manage have established her as faith in the Kingdom of Marthis because their faith is an acceptance of choice and isn’t violent or seeking to control the Kingdom. Her clerics are know for their lustful and sinful nature and on the whole the faith is very hedonistic. The faithful are always elves other than the Church in Marthis, which has a small number of Human and Halfling worshipers. Orgies are part of worship, as well as other sexual and sensational rites.

Clerics favor clothes of silk in green and or white, sheer fabrics being popular, cloth of gold trim is favoured by many clerics. Worshipers tend to one colour or the other. Low and high cuts are populars as well on clothing to show off as much as possible.

Allettante’s cleric domain is Trickery.

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Allettante, Elven Goddess of Seduction and Temptation

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