Elricton - Capital of the Kingdom of Marthis -Royal Charter City

Elricton is likely the most cosmopolitan city in Marthis, and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Venarth. Nearly every human, Demi-Human, and humanoid race can be openly found in the city somewhere and even more races rare races like members of the fae can be found in select areas. It is bound to the north by Mount Wilhelm [AKA Mount Solus’ Rest] and The Delta of the Sword River to the south. The city its self is divide into eight wards, Castle Ward, North Ward, Old Harbour, East Ward [AKA Caravan Ward], Temple Ward, Learning Ward, South Ward and the Docks Ward. There are 12 Gates in the city walls, Royal Gate, Army Gate, both in the Castle Ward on paths along the mountain roots, North Gate, which faces roughly north out of the North Ward, Watch Gate, King’s Way Gate, Caravan East gate, which are in order North to South from the East Ward, Solus’ Gate, and Doth’s Gate from the Temple Ward, Book Gate, from the Learning Ward, Harvest Gate and Peddler’s Gate, which comes from the South Ward and the Beach Gate, which comes from the Dock ward to give access to the Delta and its beaches.

Elricton is normally considered to be found in 358 BK when the Sea town of Harbour Bay is renamed Elricton after Elric Wildfire, who personally slew 387 orcs in the Battle of Bloody Plains, the last major battle against the orcs at that time. This town, which was a generous name for the 50 or so building around what is believed to be the Old harbour area. Records from that time are a little hazy. Harbour Bay existed in one form or another a good 8 centuries before that but never became a big trade centre until the kingdom was founded and Elricton became the capital of the kingdom. Since that time it has grown to it now north and south limits. Originally the Royal Castle was outside the city but the city expansion northward and the government structures cause it to join the city.

The original city walls lay in the Old Harbour ward, the southwestern part of the North Ward, the western part of the East Ward and a small norther section of the Dock Ward. These wall remain intact though they now have 16 gates. Several different Walls have existed since then but they been torn down and the stone reused. The Current walls are only 50 years old. The Old Town walls are 25 feet tall with gates build into the wall, they are about eight feet thick. The new walls are 35 feet tall and 12 feet thick.

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Castle Ward
North Ward
Old Harbour
East Ward [AKA Caravan Ward]
Temple Ward
Learning Ward
South Ward
Docks Ward

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Elricton - Capital of the Kingdom of Marthis -Royal Charter City

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