Holidays in Elricton


While the various Temples have their own Holidays, Several of which are recognized by the governments of the City and Kingdom, Elricton has two of its own holidays, Hendlehouse Day and Elric Day.

Hendlehouse Day

Hendlehouse Day is the traditional day that bodyguard contracts expire, Apprentices are made Journeymen, and when people customary change employers. Allegedly linked to the founding day of the Noble house Hendle in 258 AK on the 3rd month and 16th day, why this day was chosen is kind of lost to time. Folk lore suggested that some point in the fourth century of the kingdom on this day 20 Officers and Men from the King’s Own quit their jobs and took new ones with the House of Hendle. In 758 AK, the Hendle House head, Baron Ike Hendle, was convicted of treason against the crown. He was executed and the House of Hendle was stripped of their lands and titles. The family still exists, they are a Mercantile family now, only one Hendle and his family live in the city any more, John Hendle is troubled by the near hero like attention he gets on this day. Little work is done this day and other than Taverns and Restaurants nothing is open. Many workers get very drunk this day and while shops are open on the 17th many operate in reduced hours.

Elric’s Day

Allegedly the 7th month, 12th day is Elric Wildfire’s birthday according to folk lore, the first Elric’s Day was celebrated in 23 AK through the Mayor’s decree. Various squares throughout the city will have various martial events, like boxing, wrestling, Archery, Bear and monster baiting, Axe and Knife throwing and other entertainment. Wagering on such contests is often heavy. It is generally a fun time for all.

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Holidays in Elricton

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